Friday, April 19, 2019

TWQQF ch 53.2 - Big News

Should they inform them now?

Thinking about those mythical animals, old man Ning felt a burn in his heart. He just might have better odds putting his trust in his old friends than in the School of Divine Condor.

“Master, we don’t do the negotiations. We let Mr. Lin and the lot to deal with the Cheng’s, then we ask for a share from them. That ought to be the best solution!”

“You are right!” Old man Ning nodded, “We should place our bet on old man Lin and the lot rather than in School of Divine Condor. Not to mention that if we can get mythical animals from both sides, that would be even better!”

“Right, master. Let’s notify Mr. Lin and the lot as quickly as possible. Once the folks from School of Divine Condor are here, there might be complications.”

“Right! Let me send them a message immediately and have them come over as quickly as possible!”

The two took actions immediately after their discussion.

Speaking of, the deans and instructors of the School of Divine Condor gathered around discussing the news from their students -- that a mythical spring was found at the foothill of Mt. Wan’an in Qing’an Province. More importantly, this spring water can raise mythical beasts. This news has stunned everyone!

Was it true? Was it fake? Everybody has their own opinion!

Some said it could be real. Others were skeptical. How could a mythical spring be possible? Even the School of Divine Condor has just a mythical vein, not mythical spring.

After a full-day of discussion, the dean has made the decision of sending out one instructor with ten students to Qing’an Province to investigate it further before sending more people.

If it was fake, it would be good experience; and if it was real, all the more better.

There’s no such thing as completely insulated wall, and you can’t wrap fire1 with paper. A news this big was leaked in no time.

The news spread like wild fire through then entire Dafeng. Still some believed the news to be true and others were skeptical of it.

Regardless, a mythical spring would be priceless. Most people sent out helpers to seek  out this mythical spring in Ching’an Province and ascertain the truth.

All of a sudden, the path to Ching’an was filled with people from all walks of life, all going after this mythical spring.

Even the masters and elders of Cheng’s residing in the Emperor’s City reacted the same way as everybody else upon hearing the news – feeling suspicious and believing it at the same time. After all, the rumor must have started from something.

A man in this thirties looked very surprised when he heard this news. He remembered clearly that his older brother, who was banished from the family, settled down in Willow Village in Qing’an Province.

As far as he was concerned, Willow Village was a small village. He had never heard of any mythical spring before. He was certain this news was made up by someone.

Listening to the family discussion, he watched on with a sneer and an anticipation of calamity!

Perhaps others didn’t noticed his look, but one of the elders noticed and frowned.

After the meeting, he called the man into his study. Settling down on his chair, he asked, “Cheng Bihua, you know about this?”

“Dad, know about what?” asked Cheng Bihua, confused.


1.     Chinese idioms


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