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TWQQF ch 292 - Mandatory Fees; The Cheng's Were Strong (5)

To the point that he thought perhaps he had was mistaken.

Wasn’t Zhou Jinjiang just an apex martial spiritualist and housemaster Cheng Biyuan just a beginner martial spiritualist when he was at the Cheng’s just a few days ago?!

How did the two become martial kings when he saw them again today? Okay, so he could accept that Zhou Jinjiang had broken through and became martial king. Afterall, he was already an apex martial spiritualist. It was only natural for him to break through. Yet the situation surrounding Cheng Biyuan was definitely unusual.

It didn’t matter how talented one was, a jump like this was simply impossible!

No! One person had done it before!

Zhu Xiangyu thought about Cheng Xiao Xiao. She went straight from martial master to martial spiritualist. This kind of speed….. was it hereditary?

Zhu Xiangyu had to fight off the desire to smack himself upside his own head. He felt that his mind was about to be turned into a chaotic mess by the Cheng’s.

He had intented to figure out the Cheng’s situation. Instead he was only plunged deeper and deeper into the mist. Everything surrounding the Cheng’s were mysterious.

The Ninth Elder of the Cheng’s of Emperor City was on order from the First Elder. He had no choice but to come to Willow and attend the event at the Cheng’s.

Today, he had gained entrance into the Cheng’s as a powerful family. Yes Cheng Biyuan had never taken a look at him; as though he was just a stranger. And that he was only allowed entrance because he was from a big family and nothing more.

Ever since he has arrived at Willows and saw everything that belonged to Cheng Biyuan, he has been shocked beyond words. In a few years time, Cheng Biyuan could definitely be able to build up a family that’s stronger and more powerful than the Cheng’s in Emperor City.

Of course, what shocked him the most was Cheng Biyuan’s cultivation level. He was merely a martial apprentice previously. Yet somehow he was able to achieve martial king in just four years, this….

Martial king, a thirty-something martial king. He couldn’t help but start to shudder. If he was still at the Cheng’s, he would definitely be one of the youngest elders.

One must keep in mind that of all the elders at the Cheng’s, there were only four martial kings. If you count the housemaster, there were five. The rest were all martial spiritualists.

Equally shocking to him was the presence of Zhou Jinjiang. He was a royal guard, now he became a manager for the Cheng’s? And he was a martial king as well?

The Cheng’s, being such a small family, already have two martial kings. On top of that, he has already heard that Cheng Biyuan’s oldest daughter, the timid and weak Cheng Xiao Xiao, had also have an incredible transformation and became a master beast tamer. That was certainly someone that they could only hope for!

Most ironically, these were all once members of their family. Yet they have wiped their names from the family genealogy over some small gains. Was this some kind of retribution for the Cheng’s?

Should he feel regret, hatred, or just helplessness?

He was deep into his own thoughts. The other one that had similar thoughts as him was Gu Gaoyi. He felt more or less the same way as the Cheng’s of Emperor City.

Gu Gaoyi still couldn’t get over it. His sworn brother, whose cultivation was completed wiped, had became a martial king. And he himself was still a martial spiritualist.

Whatever little superiority he was feeling over Cheng Biyuan has been completely crushed. He thought about how he had been scarce of contact with him over the years, to the point that they were completely out of touch and turned from sworn brothers into strangers.

With his ability, it would have been quite easy for him to find out the whereabout of Cheng Biyuan after he was banished. Indeed, he was aware that Cheng Biyuan had settled down in seclusion somewhere in Qing’an Province. But he never paid it any attention; in fact, he was happy to have lost this sworn brother of his that was look down upon by everyone.


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  1. thank you for update, look at them regretting xD

  2. Most ironically, these were all once members of their family. Yet they have wiped their names from the family genealogy over some small gains. Was this some kind of retribution for the Cheng’s?

    Im curious what they really gained from booting them from the family.