Sunday, January 26, 2020

TWQQF ch 310 - Mystery Man; Father-In-Law (3)

“YOU, YOU, YOU….” Pointing at the man in front of him, Gu Gaoyi was so mad he could spit out blood. The last shred of senses in him told him that he was no match of this man. If he tried to take him on, that would guaranteed to be his death wish.

Gu Junxian stared viciously at the man in front of him then suddenly turned toward the left-hand corner and shouted, “Master, please ask for fairness for us!”

Under his cry, a man who had been hiding in the corner walked out slowly.

He was a man clothed in black outfit and he looked to be very young, perhaps in his twenties. He has a sense of loftiness that seemed as though everybody standing in front of him were nothing but ants that he could squash if it so pleases him.

Nonetheless, this was the first time everybody heard that he was the young master’s Gu’s master. But the young man was already a martial king in his twenties, certainly he was a genius-level character.

But so what if he’s a genius, would he really be able to take on the Cheng’s?

All of a sudden, everybody looked at this person who was walking slowly and nobody uttered a word.

“They are sort of my people, and you can’t touch them. I am willing to overlook whatever that just transpired. But if you strike again, I will have to retaliate!” said the man in black coldly.

Arrogant! Very arrogant!

Cheng Xiao Xiao raised her browse in surprise. Even though he was a martial king, she didn’t really think much of that. She could take a martial king easily.

Everybody else was surprised too. They have no idea why a mere martial king could possibly be so arrogant. What was his backing?

Before anyone can ask anything, Gu Junxian lifted up his head arrogantly and shouted loudly, “My Master is the disciple of Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords! Anyone here dare take him on?”

Pillar’s Clan of Magical Sword!

The name by itself was able to shock everyone there. Nobody expected this young martial king to be someone from Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords!

What is the Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords? It’s the top of the Top Four Powers, the place where just about every single young man want to go. Every single clan members of theirs represent Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords and nobody would dare to disrespect them.

At this moment in time, everybody finally understood why the Gu’s could afford to be so presumptuous – they were now tied to the member of Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords. That’s why they have the guts to call off the betrothal publicly in order to shame the Cheng’s.

Right now, everybody felt pity for the Cheng’s. Even the Cheng’s were probably not powerful enough to stand up against Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords. Once they sent out their flying swords, it wouldn’t matter how many magical beasts they have. They simply would not be able to defend themselves!

Even Cheng Biyuan was a bit concerned. The old dean of School of Divine Condor frowned. The rest of the members of the Top Nine Sect had a range of different looks on them. As for what they were thinking, only they could tell.

Zhu Xiangyu, who had been very relaxed up to this point, subconsciously walked to the other side of Cheng Xiao Xiao and watched on quietly.

The only ones who didn’t react too much were Cheng Xiao Xiao and Old Man Ying. This old and young couple didn’t seem like they have heard the name at all.

Everybody thought that Cheng Xiao Xiao was stunned silent. Finally the Gu’s father and son looked up again and looked as though they had finally redeemed themselves. Gu Gaoyi asked Cheng Biyuan bluntly, “Housemaster Cheng, have you really forgotten what you have said?”

“To what are you referring to, Housemaster Gu? I have said so many things in this life times. Some I remember, some I don’t!” Of course Cheng Biyuan knew what he was referring to, but he had no choice but to play dumb all the way at this point.


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  1. Xiao Xiao, look, they delivered a new servant for you. Take him in while he's still there.

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