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TWQQF ch 301 - Crazy Bidding; The Cheng's Trump Cards (4)

His words stirred the rest of the unaffiliated and they spoke up one by one, “Senior, we have traveled long distance to here because we would like to purchase some of the Cheng’s goods. Now it is impossible for us, the unaffiliated, to purchase anything at all. Isn’t the arrangement a bit unfair for us?”

“Exactly, senior. The Cheng’s divided up all the items into six shares, it is simply impossible for us to compete. So we have all but wasted our trips here!”

“Why can’t the Cheng’s split the times into more shares of lower quantities? If only there are more shares, we will all have an opportunity to get our hands on some of them. There are so many of us here, how will six shares ever be enough?”


Within the canopy, the unaffiliated let out all sorts of complaints, questionings, disgruntledness, and unsettled emotions. Everything blew up like rice tossed into a pan of frying oil!

“Young Mistress, lots of activities going on outside!” giggled little Yuteng at the one interacting with the ironed-arm bear.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was still inside the dimension and had no idea what was taking place outside. She couldn’t help but ask, “Oh yeah? What is going on?”

“Hehe, Old Man Ying looks to have run into some troubles.” It almost seemed as though little Yuteng was enjoying Old Man Ying’s situation.

“No way!” Cheng Xiao Xiao was surprised, how would it be possible for Old Man Ying to run into a situation that he couldn’t take care of given his current cultivation level?

She reached out and patted the head of bear who stood much taller than her and gestured him to go rest on one side before asking, “Why? Are the guests rioting?”

“Pretty much, Young Mistress. I think you might have underestimated these guests of ours, you might want to go handle the situation yourself.”

“Oh? Do tell me what is going on!” asked Cheng Xiao Xiao, squinting her eyes.

Little Yuteng quickly brought Cheng Xiao Xiao up to speed on the opinions of the unaffiliated. Upon hearing her recounting, Cheng Xiao Xiao nodded and said, “No big deal. Nothing serious!”

“It’s no big deal to Young Mistress, but it’s a headache to Old Man Ying. I think he’s about to start tossing people!”

“Alright, I will go take a look!”

As soon as she finished saying that, she flashed out of the dimension.

Inside the canopy, the unaffiliated were still fighting the Cheng’s for a chance to make a purchase.

Watching the events unfold, Cheng Biyuan was also getting a headache. He hadn’t expected this situation but since it had been decided that this would be Old Man Ying’s show, he decided against interfering.

Many felt happy at this new development, especially Gu Junxian. He was ecstatic. As far as he was concerned, the messier it was for the Cheng’s the better. Preferably they had managed to stir up the anger from the mass and the Cheng’s would be wiped off the map overnight.

As for the power players seated in the priority section, they were more than happy to watch the drama unfold; nobody had any intention to chime in and alleviate the tensions. The dean was the only one who frowned slightly, but he also remained silent except to turn and look at Old Man Ying.

The one who was at least 100 years younger than him yet has already achieved martial monarch.

Old Man Ying looked more and more vexed and stared at the ten or so most vocal attendees. He looked like he was about to throw them out any minute now.

The tension inside the canopy became more and more heightened. The few who were very vocal had slowly quieted down, except for a few apex martial kings, being more confident in their own cultivation level, were still engaged in a staring contest with Old Man Ying.

“Are you done?”

“It was none of your business how the Cheng’s handle their matters.” Aggressive as usual, Old Man Ying’s chilling voice rang in everybody’s ears, “Buy if you can afford them, otherwise, get the hell out!”


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