Tuesday, January 28, 2020

TWQQF ch 311 - Mystery Man; Father-In-Law (4)

He understood full well that Gu Gaoyi intended for him to admit to the fact then use calling off the betrothal to shame his daughter. A burning fire of anger rose from within him. He regretted ever being friends with this man. Twice he had saved his life back in his days; he didn’t know this was the kind of person that he was. All their history were no match to his perceived gains and reputation.

“I do not remember!”

Gu Gaoyi intended to save his son from his embarrassment. He laughed coldly and said, “Since Housemaster Cheng had forgotten, all me to remind you, Housemaster Cheng. It was about ten years ago when you came visit me at my place, you broached the subject of a betrothal between the Cheng’s and the Gu’s. I wonder if Housemaster Cheng still remembers it. Or have Housemaster Cheng forgotten that intentionally?”

“I do remember!” said Cheng Biyuan coldly, his dim eyes lit up suddenly. Coldy, he said, “I only brought that up casually. If my memory serves me right, Mrs. Gu objected to that immediately stating that our children were simply too young and we shouldn’t rush into things. Was I right?

“I also recall that Housemaster Gu did not object to Mrs. Gu’s words at the time. Naturally I took that as Housemaster Gu had no intentional of a betrothal between the two families. As such, why would Housemaster Gu brought this up today? Unless, from Housemaster Gu’s perspective, the betrothal actually took place?”

“You!” Gu Gaoyi’s face turned green and white and he was speechless after Cheng Biyuan’s words. Of course he remembered that his wife objected to that at the time; and neither one of them said anything else after that. So it was really open to interpretation.

Ignoring his reaction, Cheng Biyuan stared sternly at him and laughed coldly, “If this betrothal was truly finalized, shouldn’t the Gu’s provide us with some sort of marriage contract? What was said verbally had already been rebutted by your wife and called off. So do you have a marriage contract or not? If you can’t produce a marriage contract, then why are we even talking about cancelling such betrothal?”

“Such shameless sleazebags!” interjected Old Man Ying coldly. He looked at the Gu’s father and son with the intent to kill. As soon as his young mistress give an order, he’d kill them right away.

Nobody knew the details of the event until just now. If what Cheng Biyuan said was true, then the Gu’s were definitely in the wrongs.

 Never mind that they never lent a hand when the Cheng’s were down on their luck; what made them seemed even more shameless was that Gu Gaoyi was supposed to be the sworn brother of Cheng Biyuan. Seeing the way he behaved right now, it was obvious that this was not someone you want to have ties with.

Who knew if you’d be his next target of backstabbing next time? At that moment, everybody had gained new insight into the Gu’s. In particular the ones that have businesses with them; they were alarmed by what they were witnessing and also started to consider if they should end their business relationships with the Gu’s.

The flustered Gu Gaoyi had no better comebacks, so he stubbornly added, “That was but the words of a woman. They were not meaningful. I never agreed with her viewpoint way back when, so naturally what we talked about was the official decision!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but to chuckle. She had finally seen it all.


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  1. Finally the Father is starting to show he's not a push over!

    Thank you!

  2. “Such shameless sleazebags!” interjected omg coldly.
    ... omg = Old Man (g)Ying?

  3. Now, it's time to finally kill that Gu family, right? If you still let them keep their lives after this fiasco, then you deserve to just die yourself.