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TWQQF ch 293 - Mandatory Fees; The Cheng's Were Strong (6)

Afterall, he was an elder of a prominent family in Yin; every time that the name Cheng Biyuan was brought up, he was always teased as his sworn brother. Perhaps at the beginning he’d still fight to defend Cheng Biyuan, as times went on and these incidents took place more and more, he started growing disgruntled toward this sworn brother of his.

And that was the main reason he had been ignoring his once greater-than-life-itself sworn brother. How should he feel about that now?

As Gu Gaoyi was deep in the thoughts about the past, for a moment there he had even forgotten his main purpose there today was to cancel the betrothal of his son. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise.

“Housemaster Cheng, I have had the opportunity to met Maiden Cheng once. I wonder if I may speak to her again?”

Elder Lin, as the leader of the Alliance, was the first to speak.

Under the look of everybody, Cheng Biyuan was a bit surprised. The one that they wanted to meet the most was him, the housemaster, but his daughter Cheng Xiao Xiao, who has the title of a beast tamer.

“Unfortunately, everyone, my daughter had took off this morning. She only left a message that she will be back shortly. I honestly do not know where she headed!” replied Cheng Biyuan calmly and nonchalantly.

“Took off? How is that possible?” said the elder of Bagua Sect in disbelief.

The deacon elder of the Meng’s of City of Huang also refused to believe it, “Housemaster Cheng, perhaps Maiden Cheng was avoiding us intentionally?”

Naturally, they didn’t believe Cheng Biyuan’s words. Zhu Xiangyu was probably the only one who believed him. He knew all along that Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t think this auction was a big deal; nor did she care about meeting any strangers.

Knowing her carefree personality, it was entirely possible that she just wanted to take a quick trip today. As for her being here to welcome these people, it’d be an easier task to make the sun rise from the west instead.

“I believe it!” said Zhu Xiangyu nonchalantly.

His words got the attention of just about everyone. They all turned and stared at him. How was it that somehow who had just showed up at the Cheng’s just took Cheng Biyuan’s words at face value?

Grandmaster Wudao of the Shengseng Sect nodded and said, “It seemed there’s no trace of Maiden Cheng at the Cheng’s. I trust that she was truly out and about!”


The words of Grandmaster Wudao made everybody went quiet. They might doubt anyone else, but the words of Grandmaster Wudao carried a lot of weight.

Grandmaster Wudao would not lie; he was well reputed on the continent and was also well respected. Not to mention that the grandmaster was also a martial emperor, the highest cultivation level among everyone there right now.

Naturally everybody would believe in his words that Cheng Xiao Xiao was, indeed, not home.

Everybody had been looking forward to meeting the master beast tamer Cheng Xiao Xiao. Now that they found out she wasn’t home, everybody was gravely disappointed.

“As Housemaster Cheng had explained to us earlier, Maiden Cheng did mention that she will be back soon.  I trust that we will be able to meet her,” came the sound of nun Saochen.

Everybody was hopeful and looked forward to meeting Cheng Xiao Xiao all over again. They were extremely curious whether this young maiden was truly a master beast tamer or just something made up by the Cheng’s.

“Housemaster Cheng, we have heard that there’s a mystical well at the Cheng’s. I wonder if it’s possible for us to take a tour of this mystical well?”

The deacon elder of the Luo’s of Yin looked straight at Cheng Biyuan. His manner was there, but his tone was unfriendly. Even though Cheng Biyuan was the son-in-law of the Luo’s, nobody at the Luo’s have treated him like a son-in-law. Naturally the deacon elder wasn’t all that polite toward him either.

Cheng Biyuan casted him a sideway look. He could tell his affiliation from the family crest on his outfit. His face was cold and he was just about to decline his ask when Grandmaster Wudao spoke up while giving him the utmost polite bow, “Grandmaster Cheng, this monk would appreciate a tour as well. We hope that Cheng Biyuan would allow us the honor.” 


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