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TWQQF ch 291 - Mandatory Fees; The Cheng's Were Strong (4)

“Yes, Dean!”

The rest felt unreconciled but, alas, what could they do about it? It was very unfortunate that they were picked by the dean.

They couldn’t help but looked at the three picked ones enviously.

All three of them were the ones who had some sort of relationship with Cheng Biyuan back in the days, which was why the dean hand picked them

They dare not misbehave more than they already have in front of the dean. Envious or unreconciled, with the exception of the three associate deans, the rest of them took off one by one.

The three that were picked knew full well the reasoning behind it. They exchanged a look with each other and saw the surprise and helplessness in each other.

Granted, they were still more than happy to go on a mission with the dean; this was, afterall, an opportunity that wouldn’t present itself often.

The dean waved his sleeve and a giant eagle appeared out of nowhere, such was the ride of the dean.

This iron winged giant eagle, a level 4 mid-level mystical beast, was one of the rare mystical beast in Dafeng.

“You watch over the campus carefully and don’t let anything else happen, or else….”

A light warning was enough to make the three associate deans broke out into cold sweat. They all cupped their hands and made promises.

The dean paid them no more attention but turned to the other three next to him and said, “C’mon up!”

A shake of his body and he disappeared in front of them and appeared on top of the giant eagle. The three dare not delay any further and all leaped onto the eagle’s back at the same time.

Without being told, the iron winged giant eagle took off with the four of them on its back and quickly disappeared into the sky as the three associate deans looked on.

Associate Dean Liu and Associate Dean Yang stopped looking and left disappointed.

Associate Dean Shen was a bit distressed. He didn’t expect the dean to not have called on him. Afterall, he had already had contact with the Cheng’s. One would think he’d be a good candidate to be the one to manage trading with the Cheng’s.

Now, it was all lost. Associate Dean Shen felt a tremendous regret.

It’d only take the iron-winged giant eagle about two hours to get to Willows; so the riders were in any hurry.

As time had passed, Old Man Ying was getting tired from collecting all the mystical stones. There were only a few left still blocked on the path and he knew it was almost time.

It was around 9 o’clock in the morning, standing at the location of the old Cheng’s courtyard was a giant canopy that could hold up to 1,000 people. Inside the canopy was a huge selection of delicately prepared dishes. After seeing that, everybody was pleased and stopped grumbling about the one mystical stone fee that they had to pay.

As more and more people showed up, the representatives of the top family and Top Nine Sects requested meeting with Cheng Biyuan.

Cheng Biyuan was not able to turn down their request. Afterall, he didn’t want to make enemies right away, let alone making too many enemies.

No matter who one was, even if one was an elite martial artist, it would still be unwise to have too many enemies. That would be a sure way to ensure an untimely death.

The living room in the main building was now filled with guests. Maids were coming in and out nonstop serving mystical tea to all of them.

The guests were very pleased that Cheng Biyuan had agreed to meet with them. They were well aware that Cheng Biyuan was not only a cultivator, but also someone of royalty. Afterall, he had the title of a count associated with him. Nobody dare to be too prudent, not to mention that they were there to ask for favors.

As they were sipping the mystical tea, their colors changed. Just a small sip of the tea they could tell it was full of thick mystical qi, how could they not be surprised?

Of course, the most surprised of them all was young master Zhu Xiangyu. Ever since he entered the room and saw Cheng Biyuan and Zhou Jinjiang, he was stunned silent.


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