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TWQQF ch 298 - Crazy Bidding; The Cheng's Trump Cards (1)

The words from Old Man Ying shocked everybody all over again. He was probably the only person who dare to speak to the people from School of Divine Condor in such a manner!

This was no ordinary rudeness, this old man has balls!

Naturally, there were many who were happy about what was happening as they have been disgruntled toward those from School of Divine Condor for a while now. Over the years, those from School of Divine Condor had offended quite some people.

Everybody was just happy to watch the drama unfold!

As the housemaster, Cheng Biyuan was taken aback a little but he recovered immediately. A shred of helplessness flashed through his eyes. Old Man Ying was of the same type of person as his oldest daughter, they were very nice to their own people; when it came to those they didn’t like, they were plain unreasonable.

Yes, he had an appreciation for this unreasonableness today.

While everybody was still in a zone, four men appeared outside the canopy. They were the men from School of Divine Condor.

When everybody had taken a good look at them, they were stunned all over again and some even shouted out loudly, “Isn’t that the dean of School of Divine Condor?”

“Oh my lord! The dean of School of Divine Condor is here?”

“He’s the dean of School of Divine Condor?”


In the midst of everyone looking on and the soft cries, the dean of School of Divine Condor and his men walked inside. Cheng Biyuan paused for a second and stumbled forward. He looked very stunned and emotional as he called out most respectfully, “Dean, Associate Dean Jing, Instructor Qi, and Instructor Gu!”

Cheng Biyuan didn’t spend too much time at the School of Divine Condor. He was familiar with the dean and the other three men. They have all guided him in his past and the dean has also saved his life on top of that.

When he has sustained serious injuries from the attack and was in critical condition, if it wasn’t for the dean who had stepped in to help, he may not even be alive today, let along continuing with his cultivation.

“Very nice, ‘lil BIyuan!” Seeing that he was now a martial king, the dean nodded slightly as if in approval.

The associate dean and the two other instructors were shocked beyond words They had not expected that their once student was now a martial king, same level as them!

The men from the Nine Top Sects all came up one by one to greet them without further ado. Afterall, the dean was no regular person; he was an apex martial emperor, one who could breakthrough to martial monarch any moment!

Yet the dean dismissed of them quickly. He walked over the expressionless Old Man Ying and and excitement flashed through his eyes. He cupped his hand and said to him, “Senior, greetings from Kangshun!”

“Greetings!” replied Old Man Ying casually. He was unaffected by the status of the dean standing in front of him, and added, “The four of you, don’t forget to pay up. The cost is four mystical stones.”

“Elder Ying….” Cheng Biyuan didn’t know what to say to him. He wasn’t sure he had ever met any one as presumptuous as him.

Old Man Ying merely looked at him and said unapologetically, “Housemaster, this was a direct order from Miss. I accepted her order and I am going to follow through with it. No exceptions no matter who it was!”

“Elder Ying was certainly right. We should pay up!” The dean chuckled instead of getting upset. He found the whole situation very amusing.

The associate dean wasn’t sure what to make out of all this but immediately fished out four pieces of mystical stones to hand over to Elder Ying.

Old Man Ying finally relaxed a bit after receiving the mystical stones. Afterall, this was his assignment and he must complete it. After he had put the mystical stones away properly he said, “Okay, everyone take a seat and stop wasting time. The auction is starting!”


Banging his gavel again as he spoke.

Cheng Biyuan respectfully invited the dean to take a seat at the priority section and sat next to him. Afterall, he was the host and a count, even the associate dean had no choice but to take a lesser spot.


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