Saturday, January 18, 2020

Resplendent Apothecary ch 78 - Severed Archille's Tendon (2)

“Let them go!” said Wu Donggui as he watched deviously at the back of Hunter Zhang and his son on their way out. “I have never heard of leg tendons growing back once it is severed. When Zhang Lihu became a cripple after being treated by them, we will go and spread the words that his injury was treatable, but he ended up crippled under the man’s treatment. Do you think he will have any more patients after that?”

“Great idea! Husband, you are so smart! Exactly, it was the mistake of the old man that crippled him!” Having heard that, Mrs. Wu’s mood quickly improved and she laughed out loud at the thought.

Gu Ye ran home as fast as she could and ran inside the house one step before Hunter Zhang and his son. When he found the sage apothecary pacing slowly in the backyard, she ran up to him and grabbed him by his hand. There was a strange glow in her eyes and she said, “Master! We have patient! Quick! Go get ready!”

“Patient? What is wrong with him? Coughing or fever? These symptoms are not challenging enough, your Master don’t usually treat patients like that. Isn’t there a mediocre doctor in your village? Just have him prescribe him some herbs and that will be that! I will take a look at the patient if he doesn’t get better.”

The sage apothecary’s foot was still bruised and he was still limping a little bit. Despite that, he still tried to put on the show that he was oh so unfathomable. Being yanked expectedly by his disciple, he stumbled and almost felt on his back in the snow.

“Master! Master! It’s not any common illness. Lihu-ge was hurt. His Achilles tendon has been severed!!” Even though there was some worry in Gu Ye’s tone, it was mostly full excitement.

“Injured? Just put some paste on it and stop the bleeding and that would… wait, what did you just say?” sage apothecary’s nonchalant look suddenly turned very solemn. “Did you say his tendon was severed? Then his leg was ruined. What is there to treat? Never mind about your master, even if the sage healer was here in person, he wouldn’t be able to fix him!!”

“Master, sure, his tendon was severed, but all we need to do is to sew it back up!” In her previous life, that was but a minor surgery. How come the all mighty sage apothecary, who was always competing with the sage healer, made it sound like it was a hopeless case?

“Sew it back up? You made it sound so simple. Do you think it’s like patching your clothes? Let me tell you, your master has been around for some 60 odd years, but I have never heard of severed tendons being re-attached!” If this was fractured bones they were talking about, he’d at least be able to align it back for the patient. But this is the Achille’s tendon that they were talking about! There was nothing he could….
“Grandpa Zheng. Lihu-ge was injured, can you please take a look at him?” Footsteps came running toward them from the outside, followed by Gu Ming’s voice.
Back when she was still at the Gu’s and Mrs. Gu wouldn’t let her eat anything, Zhang Lihu would save the birds that he caught, cooked them and have her brother sneaked them into the house for her. Whenever he found bird eggs, he would also give her a few. Without Lihu-ge and Ninth Aunty next door’s supplements from time to time, the original owner would have starved to death much sooner. No matter what, she couldn’t just sit around and watch him turn into a cripple!
What the heck! Gu Ye dragged her master back into his room before she run back to her own room and grabbed all her surgical equipment from her dimension. She packed them all and carried them with her to the east quarter.

In her previous life, before the apocalypse, she was a talent student at the medical school. She was just 16 when she received her medical degree and had plenty of experience in performing surgeries. Whether it was theoretical or actual experience, she was skilled in most surgeries.

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  1. She became an MD at 16 years of age? A task that requires multiple degrees, residency, and a whole lot of money. And she is an orphan to boot.

    When did she start this education? At age 5?

    1. Yeah, I know a lot of authors do this but sometimes it is just too over-the-top. Is there something authors have against normal-aged folk? Why does one have to be doctor before turning 20, or prime minister, or a CEO, or...?

    2. You know, I agree. The ML was in his 20's (mid/late?). Why did MC has to start at 11? 16 would have been more convincing (better than 11)!

    3. he started when he was 10 that's who Gu Xiao was thinking of in one of the previous chapters

    4. Well didn't she say earlier she wasn't good st surgery which is why she specialized in pharmacology

    5. Mybe cause its an apocalypse and they just invested in talented ppl. Also she did mention that she created the beast repellant while studying so she must be a genius plus the rules probly worked differently as ppl where more concerned with survival.