Friday, January 31, 2020

TWQQF ch 313 - Mystery Man; Father-In-Law (6)

As soon as he reported the embellished version of this incident up to the leadership of the Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords, this place would become the territory of the Clan in no time.

That was not a wise move on the Cheng’s part.

Everybody couldn’t help but to feel sorry for the Cheng’s, they should not have made an enemy out of Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords.

Cheng Biyuan’s face was dark. He didn’t say a word but anger was spreading like wildfire inside of him. He could barely contain himself!

Cheng Xiao Xiao was trying to come up with a viable solution as well. Through her communication with little Yuteng, she knew that she could not quite afford to go head to head with the man in black.

If he was truly someone from Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords then antagonizing him would not be a good idea, as it’d most likely bring about troubles in the future. But she didn’t want to let him off easily either, especially when he was a jackass who sided with the Gu’s!

So what were her options if she could neither go head to head with him nor did she just want to let it slide?

At the moment in time, nobody uttered a word. The silence only made the tension stronger in the air.

Finally being able to bring the Cheng’s attitude down a notch, the Gu’s father and son let our a satisfying smile. The man in black looked at the Cheng’s father and daughter haughtily and disdainfully. He didn’t think anyone on this continent would be stupid enough to make Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords their enemy.

“Pardon me, the Cheng’s, is Cheng Xiao Xiao around?”

A light and magnetic voice came all of a sudden. Before anyone realized what was going on, a silhouette appeared and when everybody took a good look, standing in front of them was a young and extremely attractive man.

It was as though he had appeared in thin area; nobody noticed when he arrived!

When the old dean and Grandmaster Wudao saw him, they looked awe-inspiring and stared straightly at him. A look of surprise flashed through Old Man Ying’s eyes and an incredulous look appeared on him.

When Cheng Xiao Xiao saw him, she was stunned for a bit before she frowned. How did this guy found her at her own house?

Was he really such a genius mathematician that he was able to find out where she lived through his calculations?

Before anyone could ask, his eyes, sparkling like stars in the night sky, scanned over everyone. When he saw Cheng Xiao Xiao, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets and he cried out uncontrollably, “Miss Mean, you are here!”

Miss mean?

What kind of a nickname was that? Yet everybody knew he was referring to Cheng Xiao Xiao!

Zhu Xiangyu and the man in black, who recognized this mysterious man, were stunned for a long while. They stared at the man who should not be here, dumbfounded.

The genius mathematician of the Temple of Divine Plans was in the Cheng’s of Dafeng, what was going on here?

Cheng Xiao Xiao was thoroughly confused by how he was referring to her.  He was, indeed, an idiot!

Having found the one he has been seeking for the last three months, he didn’t care how everybody was looking at him but walked toward Cheng Xiao Xiao with a happy look on her face, “Miss Mean, I have finally found you!”

“Who? Who are you calling mean?” Cheng Xiao Xiao wanted to bad to send him flying.

“Well, I didn’t really know your name. And you are mean, and cute, so I just refer to you as Miss Mean. Do you not like it?”

Fawning over her, he walked in front of her as he explained with a smile. At this point, she was the only thing left in his eyes. He realized how much he had missed her.

The father, Cheng Biyuan was take slightly aback. He was surprised to see that this young man knew his daughter. He couldn’t help but asked, “This gentleman is… ?”

“Oh, me?” Mo Xuanzun looked toward him after hearing his inquiry and asked immediately, “Are you Miss Mean’s father?”

“Cough, cough, cough….” Cheng Biyuan almost choked. Suppressing his anger, he said, “She is my daughter, and her name is Xiao Xiao!”


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  1. Omg it was a nasty stand-off the tension was heavy...loved it! Thank YOU!

  2. Thanks for the chapter. That was the perfect ice breaker lol.

  3. Why are you so worried about how to deal with the guy in black? Deal with him the same way you dealt with old man, as in take him into space. It's not freaking rocket science, even an idiot would understand that. Where did Xiao Xiao's brains suddenly disappear?

    1. Sometimes plot armor is worn by the villains, not just the heroes.

  4. Very true plus keeps the story from being boring. Plus aren't all stories a form of morality tales? I love when it goes against the standard and you root for the baddies! But regardless of "good" vs "bad" a well placed/done face slap is always epic!