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TWQQF ch 295 - Mandatory Fees; The Cheng's Were Strong (8)

Just when she was about to give up, a young man was coming back from the outside. When Nan Qingqing took a good look at his face, she immediately looked happy. Before he walked all the way up, she walked up to meet him half way.

“Are you Zheng Yuan?”

Hearing the inquisitive voice, Cheng Zheng Yuan frowned. He looked at the somewhat familiar-looking classy woman but couldn’t recall where he had seen her before, “And who are you?”

“Yo, Zheng Yuan, have you forgotten your aunty Gu? I even carried you around when you were small, how did you forget about me already?” A face full of smile, Nan Qingqing was friendly with him.

Aunty Gu?

That reference reminded him of someone. He looked at her closely again and his small face not so friendly and he said, “Oh, you mean when I was still a child, who’d remember something so long ago? I don’t remember you!”

Cheng Zheng Yuan wasn’t all that fond of the Gu’s and definitely have no intention to pay any attention to someone who couldn’t even get inside the front door?

“Aiya, Zheng Yuan, oh you child, hey, wait!!”

Cheng Zheng Yuan dashed inside his house while Nan Qingqing shouted behind him, ignoring her completely. He didn’t want to get involved in the issues between the adults nor was it his place to muddle into his sister’s personal matters. So the best way to handle them was to ignore them all.

Nan Qingqing, who was still standing outside, was so angry she gritted her teeth so hard she almost crushed her silver fillings. Finally, accepting the fact that she’d not be meeting any one, she turned and left.

The four guards standing outside let out a sigh of relief; they were quite worry that the woman who decide to make a scene there.

At the same time, Cheng Biyuan guided the visitors through all the locations that they wanted to tour. Sure enough, the Cheng’s indeed were in possession of a mystical well. In addition to that, everybody was also stunned by the bamboo forest; the Cheng’s had watered the bamboo forest so much that they had turned it into a forest of mystical bamboos.

It was Cheng Xiao Xiao’s purpose to transform the bamboo forest into a land of mystical bamboos, in order to provide a better cultivation place for her siblings. So she had people water this place daily and forced it into a mystical bamboo forest.

The visitors were sure whether they should scold Cheng Xiao Xiao for being so wasteful or to be envious of the Cheng’s siblings for having such a generous sister. This place was practically built with money!

Cheng Biyuan did not take the group back to the main building but toward the canopy constructed for the auction. Their arrival had caught others attention immediately. At the same time, those who had been happily snacking on all sorts of fruits and melons also knew that the auction was about to begin.

Everybody put down their delicacies and walked toward the platform in the front. Cheng Biyuan, along with a few of his men, walked onto the platform.

Many of these who were attending today were seeing Cheng Biyuan for the first time but everyone knew of his life’s story. Right now, when he stood in front of everyone, his cultivation level stunned everyone present.

“Did they say he had lost all his cultivation and turned into a cripple? How is he a martial king now?”

“That’s so odd. Is this really the Housemaster Cheng Biyuan? He is a martial king now?”

“Martial king? The crippled from all the rumors is now a martial king? Is this some sort of a sick joke?”

“That wasn’t even funny. Is it true?”

“If Cheng Biyuan is truly a martial king now, I wonder how the Emperor City Cheng’s feel about this? Are they regretting about their past decision right about now?”


Those standing below the platform couldn’t help but gossip. No matter how softly they were whispering, everybody in the front were all martial spiritualists or martial kings; no matter how soft the whispering, they could still hear every word.


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