Wednesday, January 8, 2020

TWQQF ch 297 - Mandatory Fees; The Cheng's Were Strong (10) [BONUS PART]

Nobody there could figured out what was happening.

Grandmaster Wudeo didn’t care what others’ reactions were; he only had the senior in front of him on his mind. The senior who had already broken through to martial monarch.

One must keep in mind that almost every martial emperor on his continent was stuck at the martial apex martial emperor level. No matter how many years have passed, nobody was able to break through, at least not any of the martial emperors that he knew of.

And yet he discovered today that there was someone on this continent who had only recently broken through to martial monarch. The fact that his senior was able to accomplish that made Grandmaster Wudao emotional. Nevermind just a deep bow, he was willing to get down on his knees!

As everybody was still taking in what was transpiring in front of them, Old Man Ying grabbed the home-made gavel and strike it heavily on a piece of word.


A series of noises felt like it was knocking on everybody’s heart directly, pulling them immediately back to reality. Everybody looked mortified.

“Alright, people. Stop spacing out. Wake up now, the auction is about to began!” announced Old Man Ying in a moderate volume. Before he could carry on he frowned suddenly and, before he could say anything, a nonchalant voice came from the air above them.

“Please hold on. The School of Divine Condor wishes to join this auction as well!”

The man’s words made everybody felt like a bomb has been dropped on them. The venue that had just quieted down burst out with all sorts of noises all over again!

“What? School of Divine Condor sent their people as well?”

“This representative from School of Divine Condor is powerful? I felt that his voice alone was already powerful!”

“I wonder if the School of Divine Condor will make a scene again!”

“Oh, the School of Divine Condor is here. This is just getting more and more interesting!”


As everybody was waiting for the drama to unfold, Old Man Ying had no particular reaction to the newly developed event. He merely shouted toward the outside, “Well, get the hell inside if you want to participate; or get the hell out if you don’t. Remember, everybody participating must leave one mystical stone because you are now on the Cheng’s property!”


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