Thursday, January 23, 2020

Resplendent Apothecary ch 81 - The Master's Imagination (2)

“I gave him anti-infective medications and some anti-biotics. That along with the herbal soup prescription from you shouldn’t be sufficient.” Gu Ye looked down and studied the prescription scribbled by sage apothecary. Chinese herbal medication is her Achilles’ tendon*. If she wanted to be successful in this world, she must put some effort in understanding the vast area of Chinese herbal medications. Mm, she already curtsied and called sage apothecary her Master, she couldn’t possibly let that opportunity go to waste. She must squeeze him for knowledge.

(*T/N: pun intended).

“Anti-infective medications? Anti-biotics? Are these all medications?” The sage apothecary had never even heard of any of them, never mind seeing them. He was too mesmerized in the Hua Tuo’s technique earlier and missed his opportunity. Well, there would be opportunities in the future, he hoped.

“Mm, they were both medications that help prevent the wound from rotting or being infected…. Lihu-ge, you are awake!” On top of the stove, Zhang Lihu’s eye lips fluttered a little and, slowly, his eyes opened.

“My injury…. Grandpa Sacred Doctor, were you able to save my foot?” Gu Ye helped Zhang Lihu sat up. He looked at his foot that was stabilized by wooden planks and asked anxiously.

Sage apothecary’s mouth moved a little but he didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t the one who treated his wound, nor would he know how the suturing went. What could he possibly say? That being said, his disciple quickly came to his assistance and said, “Lihu-ge, my master is a classmate of the sage healer. A wound like this is nothing to him.”

“I won’t become a cripple then?” asked Zhang Lihu again.

“As long as you follow the doctor’s instructions and work on the trainings afterward, we guarantee your foot will be like new!” It was just a minor tendon-reattaching surgery, Gu Ye could definitely guarantee the outcome.

The sage apothecary opened up the door and the anxious Hunter Zhang took a step forward, grabbed sage apothecary by his hand and asked, worried, “Old Sacred Doctor, how’s my son’s foot looking? Were you able to fix him?”

Gu Ye quickly repeated the same speech to Hunter Zhang and added, “This is a prescription from my master. Dr. Wu should have all the necessary ingredients. Come back after two weeks to my…. my master’s to have the suture removed. Three weeks from now I will go to Uncle Zhang’s house and help Lihu-ge with his physical therapy.”

“Oh… yes, yes!” What was “removing the sutures”? What was “physical therapy”? Hunter Zhang was utterly baffled. But, he was the renowned Old Sacred Doctor. Even someone as worldly as Fifth Uncle Gu referred to him respectfully as “sage apothecary”. As long as he said his son would be fine, then he must be. “Thank you, Sacred Doctor, thank you so much. Please let me know how much are the fees, I will go home and get it for you right away.”

Sage apothecary glanced over at his disciple. He noticed that she was very focused on explaining to her patient what he needed to pay attention to and had no intention to respond to this question over here, so he took the liberty and said, “We can discuss once your son has recovered!”

As soon as Hunter Zhang heard that it was free, he was worried all over again – was it because even the sage apothecary wasn’t sure that his son could be cured?

Gu Ye seemed to have read his mind so she quickly added, “Uncle Zhang, you and Lihu-ge had always been nice to my brother and I, we can’t take your money. If you really don’t feel right about it, you can leave the hare for my master’s dinner.”

“That’s… that’s not right. If the Old Sacred Doctor likes game meat, I still have a couple dried pheasants at home. I will be right back with them….” Having said that, he took off immediately before they could say anything else.

“Lihu-ge, your foot will heart a lot in the next couple of days. Just bear with it, okay? Why don’t you spend the night here for observation and go home tomorrow?” Having said that, Gu Ye left with her surgical tools.



1.      Jin – metal. Chuang – wound. Yao – medicine. Meaning “medicine for wounds caused by metal [object]”. Not going to translate the page, but here’s the recipe if you incline to make you own. =D 

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