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TWQQF ch 309 - Mystery Man; Father-In-Law (2)

“Oh? What words? What is the matter?” replied Cheng Biyuan nonchalantly. The hint of qi as a martial king slightly pressuring Gu Junxian.

 He thought he was in the right. He was full of confidence when he stood up, but he didn’t expect the Cheng’s father and daughter just denied everything. Enraged, he started screaming, “Oh I see. Now that the Cheng’s standing has changed, the words they have said in the past were like fart1. There’s no credibility in your words, you are nothing but crooks!”


A slap on his handsome face and immediate a handprint appeared.

Gu Junxian was startled by the slap out of nowhere. He rolled his eyes but he didn’t even see who it was that struck him. And only a few there knew who the real culprit was.

Under everybody’s watchful eyes, hundreds of pairs of eyes, the person struck at such lightning speed that barely a few person was able to catch sight.

When his son was struck, Gu Gaoyi, who had originally wanted to stay out of all of this, couldn’t remain silent any longer. He stepped forward right away and, even though he didn’t really saw who it was that acted, said straight at Cheng Biyuan with a deep voice, “Housemaster Cheng, wasn’t that a bit much? Never mind that Junxian was in the right, even if he wasn’t, is that how a senior should behave?”

By now Cheng Biyuan had given up completely, he was ready to draw that line between them, “Housemaster Gu, are you sure you know what you are talking about? You saw me hitting your son?”

“Was it not?”

As soon he finished saying, the dean of School of Divine Condor shook his head, “Housemaster Gu, I don’t think you should just place blame if you didn’t actually knew who it was that acted. It really wasn’t little Biyuan who struck your son.”

Gu Gaoyi would never doubt the words of the old dean. After all, his standing was well respected and would never lie to him. Well then, if it wasn’t Cheng Biyuan, then….

He turned and locked onto Cheng Xiao Xiao and scolded lightly, “Xiao Xiao, you are becoming more of a shrew as you get older. You think you can just strike someone like that?”

“Hey, can you stop spewing bullshit all over the place? You look like a rapid dog that’s just biting anyone within sight. Is that how all the Gu’s are?” said Cheng Xiao Xiao impolitely.


Gu Gaoyi’s face darkened and his body exudes a chilling aura. This shrew in front of him was the only one who care call him a dog publicly.

When this scene unfolded, everybody there now understood that the Gu’s and the Cheng’s had severed all ties and there would be more brotherly relationships.

Gu Junxian was slapped, followed by his father being insulted. His face turned beet red from anger and veins were popping on his forehead. His brows standing almost straight up and his neck was about to explode.

“Housemaster Gu, you are still wrong. It wasn’t maiden Cheng Xiao Xiao either. You both have the wrong person!”

Now, both Gu’s father and son was stunned. Their vicious expression frozen on their faces.

Watching their looks, Cheng Xiao Xiao almost laughed out loud. This old dean certainly know when to speak up, he….

Yes, he actually wasn’t a jerk.

“Who? Then who was it?” shouted Gu Gaoyi loudly, having thoroughly embarrassed himself.


The sound of another slap resounded inside the canopy and this time it wasn’t Gu Junxian who got smacked; it was Gu Gaoyi. Now both the father and son have a hand print on their faces..

“It was you!”

The father and son finally noticed the man standing behind Cheng Xiao Xiao – it was Old Man Ying!

The cold and prideful looking Old Man Ying pursed his lips and said, “Your mouths stank. I suggest for you to keep them shut. If I smell them again I am going to strike again. Hrm!”



1. Common saying in Chinese, when someone just spew out words but never follow through with them.

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  1. My Hero- Old "Black Belly" Ying to the rescue...! Gracias!

  2. Slapped by an old man xD

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      What about what had transpired since your harassment started that led you to think that your unsolicited advices were remotely appreciated?

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    1. Clearly, reading my translation seems to bring a lot of anguish to you. It may be best for you to stop reading them altogether, be that CHAPTER PART or FULL CHAPTER.

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    And to the other commenter who keeps going against the translator.. you already gave out your opinion.. if you keep going on it'll only backfire on you.. if possible instead of going in each other's throats why not try to work together instead..? Maybe you can be the translators beta..? You get to read and fix the errors that you see.. since you keep reading these translation it means you like these deep down.. you just can't ignore the errors you see.. just help each other.. if you work together.. it would be awesome if we get to read the chapters you work together to complete..