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Resplendent Apothecary ch 71 - Grandpa's Foot Injury (1)

Why did she think of him again? It seemed she had been thinking about that distasteful face from time to time ever since her transmigration. Okay, maybe not “distasteful”, he wasn’t bad looking. Contrarily, he looked quite masculine and attractive, but he also always looked like someone owed him a few million dollars. He was always shouting at her that she wasn’t allowed to this or that. So annoying!

Even though he could be annoying at times, but she had always believed that he could create a safe place in the post-apocalyptic world for mankind, a safe-heaven for people. Sadly, she would not have the opportunity to witness that with her own eyes…

When Gu Xiao and his grandson returned to town after their shopping spree, it was already dark outside. The horse and the donkey were chalked-full of goods on their backs. There were three rolls of fabrics, some 30 jin of cotton, 200 or so jin of rough and fine grains, and half a rack of pork ribs.

Gu Xiao’s house was in the inner most area of Qingshan Village so he would pass through most of the village on his way home. Looking at all the goods that had purchased, all the villagers understood full well now that Gu Xiao was much wealthier than he had originally let on. Never mind the other items. Even the richest in the village might not purchase that quantity of fine grains and pork during new year time.

Looking at all the goods, Mrs. Gu was so envious she was about to get sick. If it wasn’t that damn old man faked poverty and tricked them, all these would have been theirs!! And that damn Gu Ming, smiling so happily; he wouldn’t even bring any of the good stuff home for his own father! What an ungrateful thing that he was!

What she would never thinking about was that he was already adopted into another family. Just for the way that she had been treating him in the past, why would he share any of his goods?

“There was no shop for blanket’s in town so we bought fabric and cotton. Xiao Ye-zi, you can tackle the tasks of sewing us some blankets, right?” Gu Xiao moved all the items into the storage and teased his granddaughter as he chuckled.

Sure enough, Gu Ye was stunned after she heard that. Sewing blanket? And jacket? What the hell? Her hands had only touched scalpels and surgical needles, she had never ever laid on hand regular scissors and threads. She searched the original owner’s memory, the most she had done was patching some clothes and socks. She had no idea how to make blankets or clothes.

(T/N : technically these hands. ;))

Gu Ming couldn’t bear to see his sister bothered and quickly added, “Don’t worry, mei mei. We can ask Ninth Aunty and Third Grandma to help. You are still young and never learned how to sew. Grandpa was only teasing you!”

“Well…. Should I learn how to sew? We can’t always bother others to sew our clothes for us, right?” Gu Ye to herself: sewing clothes couldn’t be that much different than sewing human flesh, right? There was no reason why a beautiful genius girl couldn’t figure it out, right?

“What sewing? You are the future master apothecary. If you have the time to learn how to sew, you might as well be learning how to make herbs with your master!” After a whole day of teaching, the sage apothecary was extremely happy with his new found disciple. Hrm! Sage healer, just you wait! Once my disciple had learned everything from the Compendium of Materia Medica, let’s see how you can keep your title as the sage healer, HAH!

He could almost see it in him the day when the sage healer was defeated by his disciple. He couldn’t help but smiled with all the confidence that filled him at this moment.

Through the sage apothecary, Gu Xiao learned that his BOGO1 granddaughter was very talented when it came to herbs. Full of surprises, he was, naturally, going to support her fully, “Your master is right. You should focus on working on your knowledge in herbs. Don’t worry about blankets and jackets!” When push come to shove, he would just buy a woman who knew how to sew from town!2

Random translator notes:

1.      BOGO – US acronym for Buy One Get One (free). As I have no editor and nobody to answer to, I am just going to use that acronym because I personally find it funny. 😊

2.      Yup, he said to “BUY” a woman, not hire a woman. Ugh….

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    1. Hi Gen17. Appreciate the heads up. That was actually true. I have discontinued new updates for my $40 tier patrons on patreon. I will, however, continue to post the remaining chapter parts that I have translated up to ch 124.

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  3. "Yup, he said to “BUY” a woman, not hire a woman. Ugh…."

    But isn't that what they ALL do? They literally buy people (via life and death contracts) to use as servants all the time, why are you suddenly complaining about them using the term 'buying' when that's exactly what they're doing?

  4. Buy a woman

    Well seeing as the MC was nearly sold into sex slavery not long ago, it's hard to see this as shocking. The fact she hasn't killed off the "parents" is much more vexing