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TWQQF ch 294 - Mandatory Fees; The Cheng's Were Strong (7)

“Certainly, Grandmaster!” replied Cheng Biyuan as he tried to imitate the grandmaster’s polite bow. “If you say so, let’s all go take a tour!”

Naturally nobody there would give up on that opportunity. One by one they go up and got ready to go look at the secret item of the Cheng’s.

Following the lead of Cheng Biyuan, the large group of attendees marched toward the mystical well guarded by guards.

Inside the main quarter of the Cheng’s.

Mrs. Cheng sat on the chair, her look a little distressed and helpless as though she was bothered by something.

Sitting next to her was Mrs. Zhou. Seeing her like that, she couldn’t help but to say, “Yiqin, she wasn’t worth meeting up with again. If you meet her again now, it’d just be very unpleasant for everybody involved. It’s better to just not see her!”

Mrs. Zhou had always know about all the happenings between the Cheng’s and the Gu’s. To be fair, the Gu’s never wronged the Cheng’s. It was just that the Gu’s was so quick to end their ties with the Cheng’s. They never tried to help even in the smallest ways when the Cheng’s hit rock bottom. Now that the Cheng’s were well off, they came right away. No matter what the reason was, it was unpleasant.

Sure the Gu’s didn’t beat the dog when it was down, but there was certainly no need to kiss up now either.

And, truth be told, that Mrs. Gu wasn’t exactly a nice person either. Back then, the betrothal was more like a joke but that was enough for Mrs. Gu to give Mrs. Cheng a hard time.

Now that they were here, it certainly wouldn’t be for any good reasons. Mrs. Zhou was of the opinion that there was no need for Mrs. Cheng to meet up with her. With her new status as the Countess, she could turn down meetings with just about anyone.

“I understand, but last time when her son was here, our Xiao Xiao….”

“Yuqin, didn’t you say that you will leave Xiao Xiao’s matters up to her? When why do you torture yourself so? I trust that Xiao Xiao would take care of matters this time. Do you really think it’s a good idea to meet up with Mrs. Gu at this time?”

“Sister Zhou, I know the timing wasn’t ideal, but they are visiting us. And everyone who enters our doors are our guests; let alone they were old friends. I am just worry that it’d hurt Xiao Xiao’s reputation.”

Mrs. Zhou couldn’t disagree more with Mrs. Cheng, “I said, Yuqin, aren’t you a bit too idealistic? If Xiao Xiao decided to call off this betrothal, of course her reputation will be affected. Your meeting up with Mrs. Gu is not going to change anything. Perhaps she wanted to meet exactly because of what happened to her son last time. Your meeting with her would be like inviting her to come scold you!”

“You just might be right, sister Zhou. Sister Gu has such a mouth on her. She knew how to stick it where it hurts the most!” Mrs. Cheng smiled bitterly; apparently having been on the receiving end before.

“If you knew that, all the more there is no reason to meet up with her. If she was to make a scene here, that’d truly be embarrassing. If you don’t meet up with her, she won’t force her way here or would she make a scene!”

“Okay, I’ll pretend I didn’t know about it and let Xiao Xiao handle it. Speaking of, this kid has been gone since this morning and I have no idea where she went to!”

Thinking of her oldest daughter, Mrs. Cheng couldn’t help but to grumble all over again.

Mrs. Zhou had a big smile and said in an effort to comfort her, “Don’t worry, accidents might happen to any one, but not Xiao Xiao.”

The two sisters continued to chitchat at the main house; Nan Qingqing, Mrs. Gu, couldn’t believe that she had waited for almost an hour outside and have yet to see any signs of Luo Yuqin. Her face got darker as time passed.

Having well-prepared for Luo Yuqin for  a piece of her mind was not driving her insane with anger. She was barely holding on to her last sense that making a scene there would be a very bad idea.


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  1. It's Fine for Xiao Xiao to go exploring, but couldn't she have at least waited a day? What was the hurry? At the very least it would have been fine to wait for the Auction to end before leaving!