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Resplendent Apothecary ch 80 - The Master's Imagination (1)

Under the sage apothecary’s intent stare, Gu Ye started talking slowly, “Ugh… if you are referring to the technique of ‘splitting open the stomach and removing the lump’, then yes, I know a little bit of it. As for the ma fei san, I am not sure if it’s the same as Mr. Hua Tuo’s ma fei san. But at least their effect and usage are the same.”

As Gu Ye went on talking, her hands did not slow down at all. She cleaned the wounded area and sliced it open. She tightened the severed tendon with a pair of hemostatic forceps; found the best angle to apply the reattachment; tightened the suturing thread; and removed the excessive part of the tendon….

It had been a while since she had last performed a surgery. Gu Ye was a bit rusty at the beginning but quickly she got her feelings back and her fingers moved quickly performing the tasks. The mostly severed tendon was reattached in no time. She knotted the thread before she sutured his membrane and his skin….

“Okay, the surgery was very successful!” Gu Ye thought about it for a second before she took two pieces of wood left over from the doors and windows and secure the patient’s injury leg securely. It was a shame that she wasn’t able to apply a cast to her patient’s leg. She had to make do with what she has.

“Wow, this was indeed the sacred skills of Hua Tuo!!” The sage apothecary, who had been standing to one said, wished he could grow a second pair of eyes. He looked on foolishly while the wound was being dressed and he was still mesmerized by the surgery earlier. He was able to witness the Hua Tao’s sacred skill. He felt that his life was now complete.

“Disc… no, Little Miracle Doctor, you just let me observed your secret techniques, would you master be upset?” By now the sage apothecary no longer dare to refer to himself as her master. No wonder she had no reaction when he revealed his identity to her, nor was she excited when he suggested to take her as his disciple. With her kind of mad skills, what could she possibly need from him?

Gu Ye gave Zhang Lihu another anti-infective shot and, hearing sage apothecary’s words, she looked up as him as though she was looking at a fool and said, “Aren’t you my master?”

“No… No…” The sage apothecary shook his hands frantically, “Just with my skills, I couldn’t possibly be your master….”

“We have already had the ceremony, and you have accepted my gift. Are you trying to go back on your words now? Once the master, always the master. Master, I’m afraid you are stuck with me!” Gu Ye wrapped her surgical tools back up in the worn-out cloth wrapper. She planned to disinfect them when she got back into the dimension.

Sage apothecary continued to shook his head frantically then, suddenly, he thought of something. He said to her in a secretive manner, “I get it! Disc… Little Miracle Doctor, your master must not want to you reveal your school. I know that there are many schools out there that prefer to remain anonymous. Their disciples would always keep their background a secret when they come out to hone their skills. Don’t worry, I will keep your secret for you!”

“Master, you are overthinking this!” Gu Ye wasn’t sure what to make of that. She was impressed by old sage apothecary’s crazy imagination.

“I understand! I understand! You need a cover for your real identify. No problem! From now on, you are still my disciple in front of others. Oh boy, a disciple of the Hua Tuo branch is addressing me as Master, what more could I ask for?” the sage apothecary winked at her and gave her a look of tacit understanding.

Whatever. At least she wouldn’t need to spend so much time in trying to come up with excuses anymore. She said to her silly master, “Okay, I will let Master take care of the herbal tea prescription for his wound!”

“No problem. That’s small case. I will take care of that!” the sage apothecary pulled out his stationeries from his medicine basket and scribbled the prescription.

“It’s a shame that I don’t have all the ingredients handy, my homemade jinchuang yao1 is much more effective than the ones you can find in the market. But… I didn’t notice you used an jinchuang yao before you dressed his wound?” asked sage apothecary carefully.



1.      Jin – metal. Chuang – wound. Yao – medicine. Meaning “medicine for wounds caused by metal [object]”. Not going to translate the page, but here’s the recipe if you incline to make you own. =D 

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