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TWQQF ch 304 - Crazy Bidding; The Cheng's Trump Cards (7)

Right at this moment, the woman in front of him gave him the illusion that he had finally met someone fitting his criteria.

“Okay, this was our very first public sale. And, indeed, you were not able to bid on anything. We will make an exception as this was your first time.”

As soon as she has finished saying that, all the disappointed unaffiliated perked up and shouted excitedly, “Maid Cheng, what do you have in mind?”

“Maiden Cheng, does that mean we will all have an opportunity to buy from the Cheng’s?”

“Maiden Cheng, please share your ideas, quickly!”


Everybody shouted out urgently and Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled brightly, “Calm down. A portion of you will have the opportunity to purchase, not everyone. We don’t have that much inventory to sell to everyone. Now it’s all down to your luck!”


The mass stopped asking questions and just stared at her with their eyes widened and ears perked, fearing that they’d miss even one word.

“You still remember that bamboo stick that you have purchased with one mystical stone? There’s a number on each of the bamboo sticks. If your stick has “2” or “8” in it, you will have the opportunity to purchase from us!”

“2 and 8? Look, quick!”

Those who didn’t think much of the bamboo sticks immediately looked for their own bamboo stick to see if they have the opportunity to purchase from the Cheng’s.

“HAHAHA, I have a ‘2’!”

“Oh my lord, I have an ‘8’!”

“I have a ‘2’ also!”

“’8’! ‘8’! I have an ‘8’!”

“Dang! I have neither ‘2’ nor ‘8’!”

“That’s so unfortunate! I don’t have ‘2’ or ‘8’ either!”

“Awwww, man. How am I so unlucky? I would take either ‘2’ or ‘8’…..”


Everybody started shouting with their bamboo sticks in their hands. Some were happy, naturally some were not. Those were the only two expressions that one could find among the attendees right now. The happy ones wanted to jump up in the air and the distressed ones were full of disgruntledness and misery.

That being said, they have nothing else to complain about after losing out on the last chance of getting their hands onto something.

The problems did not lie with the Cheng’s, so no matter how unreconciled they felt, they dare not more any more noises, nor make a scene.

Anyone who dare to make a scene at this point would risk angering all other attendees. Never mind the Cheng’s wouldn’t just remain silent, even the ones cheering right now would probably not let the trouble-maker off easily.

Zhu Xiangyu looked down on his own bamboo stick and saw “88”. An odd feeling crossed his mind. So he has the opportunity to buy from the Cheng’s as well. He’d no longer need to join in the bidding.

Once again, he was fully amazed by Cheng Xiao Xiao’s tricks in pacifying everyone. Yes, this was the very first time this prideful young man from a prominent family appreciated a young woman.

The Associate Dean, was the only other one in the priority section who would be able to make a purchase from the Cheng’s other than Zhu Xiangyu. Nobody else was lucky enough judging from their looks of disappointment.

“Don’t be too excited just yet. I have something else to add!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao’s words made everybody quiet again, “Even the ones that can purchase from us still have a limit on how much they can purchase. In addition, everybody can only buy up to two types of goods. And, be careful of your bamboo sticks and don’t lose it. We will only be going off the bamboo sticks!”

Her requests did not bring about any objections. Her reminder immediately made these cultivators raised their guards and be more cognizant of their surroundings and worry that someone would attack them for their bamboo sticks!

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  1. Gacias! Love her creative methods of crowd control...

  2. Zhu Xiangyu, you might think that she fits your criteria, however you should bury any idiotic delusions you might have, since you absolutely do not meet her criteria. And never will. So bugger off.