Thursday, April 18, 2019

TWQQF ch 53.1 - Big News

“We will see.” Cheng Xiao Xiao did not agree right away but gave an obscure answer.

Deacon Bai was a bit surprised, but didn’t say anything. They couldn’t afford to offend the Cheng’s.

They sold them the 300 mythical animals raised in the ranch, loaded them all into 5 separate horse-drawn carriages along with 100 jin of rice. They received 8,000 taels of silver. Not too low, but not too high either.

Seeing them off, Cheng Biyuan patted the stack of bank notes he had put away in the inner pocket and smiled happily. Mrs. Cheng smiled tenderly and Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled lightly.

With these bank notes, they could now afford anything they needed.

“What? Is that true?” Old man Ning almost jumped up from his chair. His eyes widened in disbelief.

Ko Yang nodded with a helpless look, “Yes, it’s true. I saw it with my own eyes. Innkeeper Zhu brought people with him today to the Cheng’s and purchased all of their mythical animals, almost 300 of them filling 5 carriages!”

“They….” Old man Ning had another comment to make but he stopped himself.

If they didn’t completely destroy the relation with the Cheng’s, they could certainly be able to claim some of those mythical animals. He would be lying to say he didn’t regret. But what good would regretting do now?

The Ning’s was pretty much on the Cheng’s black list!

Naturally, Ko Yang could see the regret on his master. He sighed inwardly and felt unresigned. But what could he do? Their young master was so ridiculous that he thought he could just storm in and took the Cheng’s properties. That wouldn’t have been easy.

Both the master and the servant felt unresigned. Ko Yang struggled with himself before he gritted his teeth and said, “Master, are we just going to back off like this?”

“Ugh…” Old man Ning looked up, he was a bit surprised by Ko Yang’s words, “What else could we do other than waiting for the representatives from School of Divine Condor?”

“Master, has it ever occurred to you do what good will it do for us when the representatives from School of Divine Condor gets here? Are they going to split the mythical animals with us? Or to prop up the Ning’s?”

“Whatever do you mean?” Old man Ning still didn’t get what Ko Yang was trying to tell him.

“Master, you know that mythical animals are in high demand for anyone who is cultivating. There are tens and thousands of teachers and students at School of Divine Condor, how many of these mythical beasts do you think they’d need? On top of that, words that the Cheng’s can raise mythical beasts would spread through the entire continent. Then all the noble families will be going after them. What do you think our odds will be then?”

After these words, Old man Ning fell silent. They were the first who discovered these rare gems. They couldn’t just walk away, so they had to put their hops on the School of Divine Condor.

Not much, they only need enough for themselves.

After listening to Ko Yang’s analysis, putting their hopes on others would be like trying to scoop up water with a weaved basket – simply impossible.

He had to think this one through!

After thinking for a while, Old man Ning couldn’t make up his mind, or that he wasn’t able to come up with anything. He had no choice but to ask the one in front of him, “Ko Yang, any idea?”

“Master, I have an idea. Just not sure if it will work!” Ko Yang frowned and was a bit worried.

Old man Ning’s eyes brightened, he shouted, “Do share, quickly!”

“Master, have you forgotten about Mr. Lin and the lot?” said Ko Yang slowly.

“You mean to notify them?”

Old man Ning went silent. Ever since they have found out about the mythical animals, they never informed their old friends. Or, it had never even occurred to them.


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