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Resplendent Apothecary ch 79 - Severed Archille's Tendon (3)

Unfortunately, since the apocalypse, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for her to utilize her skills so she turned toward apothecary and had developed many new drugs that would stimulate a person’s hidden potential in order to hold an important role in her troop. In a post-apocalyptic world, the useless ones were doomed to be left behind.

“Mister, please save my son!” Hunter Zhang’s voice was filled with sadness and desperation. He wish he was the one who was going to become a cripple. His son was only 13 years old, how could he handle such a tragical shock.

Right before the sage apothecary could explain that he would not be able to help his son, he was distracted by all of his disciple’s strange-looking tools – all sort of odd-looking scissors, small knives, forceps, needles… All of them super shiny and made from some kind of material that he had never seen before.

“Uncle Zhang, my master does not allow others to observe when he was treating the patient. Why don’t you put Lihu-ge on top of the stove and wait outside?” His disciple had already promised to treat the patient while he was studying the tools.

“Disciple, do you mean you can….” The sage apothecary suddenly thought of a possibility and immediately his eyes widened as he looked at the little girls busying herself in front of him. But he was interrupted by her before he could finish what he was going to say.

“Lihu-ge, you can stop crying now. As luck would have it, you have run into my master. You must know that my master’s healing skills are even better than that of the sage healer! Don’t worry, this is just a small injury. You will be running and jumping around in no more than two to three months!” Seeing how Zhang Lihu was covered in tears and his face a pale white color, Gu Ye couldn’t help but to comfort him.

The sage apothecary smiled bitterly. Had he heard someone said that his healing skills was better than that of the sage healer any other time, he would have chimed in in agreement. But he truly would not be able to fix this severed Achille’s tendon.

“Mr. Sacred Doctor, you must heal me. I…. I don’t want to become a cripple.” Zhang Lihu cried so hard he was having hiccups. After hearing Gu Ye’s words, he looked at the sage apothecary with hope in his eyes.


Just when the sage apothecary was about to say something, he was interrupted by his disciple again, “Lihu-ge, don’t worry! With my master here, you won’t become a cripple even if you want to!”

As soon as she had finished saying that, she sprayed anesthesia medicine straight onto Zhang Lihu’s face. She was going to have to perform the surgery herself; it’d be difficult to explain if Zhang Lihu saw that. In three seconds or less, Zhang Lihu fell into a deep sleep.

The sage healer’s eyes widened and asked, surprised, “What was that? Knockout drops? I thought you were going to treat him? Why did you knock him out?”

“Master, I don’t want words to get out that I can treat patients. I need you to keep this a secret for me!” As she was talking, Gu Ye injected anesthesia into the injured.

“What is it that you are injected into his leg? What is that tool you are holding in your hand?”

“Ugh… this is... ma fei san!*” Gu Ye had no idea how to explain anesthesia to an ancient person, so she just borrowed Hua Tuo’s name.*

Ma fei san?? You mean you possess the skills of Hua Tuo?” The sage apothecary’s eyes beamed as he looked at Gu Ye, feeling emotional uncontrollably.

The recipe for ma fei san that had been long lost has re-surfaced? This was good news for all wounded and injured in the world! He must look at his new-found disciple in a whole different light. Who was she? Where was she from? How was it that she had all these medical treasures with her?

Compendium of Materia Medica, ma fei san, skills of Hua Tuo…. Any one of these would be enough to rock the world!


1. & 2. Legendary anesthesia used by a the most famous historical doctor in China – Hua Tuo

Ref. Ma fei san
Hua Tuo

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