Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Resplendent Apothecary ch 77 - Severed Achille's Tendon (1)

Yet, Gu Ye simply responded with a despicable tone, “Whether I will ever find someone who wants to marry me is still none of your business. If you have the time to worry about that, why don’t you spend more of your time on trying to improve your skill as a doctor? It’s no joke when your patients die because of your ignorance!”

“Oh, you ungrateful child. Who are you calling ignorant! You….”  Mrs. Wu blew up right away. She rolled up her sleeves and assumed a fighting stance.

“Mrs. Wu! Is Mr. Wu home? Hurry up! We need help!” Hunter Zhang carried Zhang Lihu, who was obviously in distress, on his back and ran toward them from the mountain not too far away. One of Zhang Lihu’s ankle was wrapped in layers and layers of fabric strips. Blood soaked through all the layers and left a bright red trail behind them.

“Yes! Yes! He is in! Quickly, take the patient inside! Physical injuries are my husband’s specialties! Don’t worry, Hunter Zhang. I am sure your son will be alright!” Mrs. Wu only saw money in her eyes! Hunter Zhang was one of the wealth families in the village. She plan on inflating the cost.

There was a blood trail behind them and Zhang Lihu looked as pale as the snow underneath them. It was quite a horrifying scene. He was placed on a chair in an outside room. When Wu Danggui unwrapped the fabrics wrapped around his ankle and looked at the ugly wound underneath, he couldn’t help but frowned.

“Hunter Zhang, how exactly did you son get injured? This is serious!” Wu Danggui asked while he was trying to get the bleeding under control.

“Oh man! I saw a pheasant in the mountain and didn’t notice that my son had already lunged at it until my spear had already left my hand. It hit him right on his ankle. Mr. Wu, what is your prognosis?” Hunter Zhang was filled with guilt and regret.

“Bad. Your spear hit him right on his Achille’s tendon and severed almost all of it. Even when his skin heals, this foot would be barely mobile.” Said Wu Donggui regretfully as he shook his head.

“What? Are you telling me that I am going to become a cripple?” Zhang Lihu became emotional immediately. He grabbed his dad on his upper arm and shook him violently, “Dad! I don’t want to become a cripple. Dad! If I became a cripple, I won’t be able to hunt. I won’t even be able to support myself in the future! I am just going to be a useless garbage! Dr. Wu, please do what you need to save my foot!”

“Dr. Wu, if you can cure my son’s foot, I will pay you however much you ask. Dr. Wu, I am begging you!” There were tears in Hunter Zhang’s eyes and he was groveling.

“It wasn’t that I don’t want to treat him, it’s that I am not able to help him! Not even the on-site doctor at Jimin Hall would be able to help him, let alone me!” replied Dr. Wu helplessly.

A shred of despair flashed through Zhang Lihu’s eyes. Did that mean he is going to turn into a useless cripple for the rest of his life? Then would there still be meaning to being alive?

“Uncle Zhang. The old man that my sister saved from the mountain was a very skilled doctor. Just look at my grandpa. His leg used to hurt a lot, but the symptoms had lessened greatly since he had use the doctor’s medicines. He didn’t even need to use the cane when he left the house today. Why don’t you bring Lihu-ge over to him and see what he says?” Gu Ming had always been close to Zhang Lihu and couldn’t bear to see him suffer, so he felt that he had to chime in.

What the heck? Thought Mrs. Wu when she heard that. How could he tried to steal their business right at their place? She was just about to snap and kick them out when her man put his hand on her and stopped her. Mrs. Wu breathed heavily and said, “Husband, are you seeing this! What the heck was the meaning of this?”

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  1. This is gonna be interesting. I wonder how is Dr Wu compared to his greedy wife? And will he recognize the sage healer? Thanks for updating!!

    1. I'll bet the Wus move to America and remembering this experience found the AMA

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