Wednesday, January 29, 2020

TWQQF ch 312 - Mystery Man; Father-In-Law (5)

Her giggling caught the attention of others, all the eyes turned to look at her. Cheng Xiao Xiao sneered, “So what if the betrothal was official or not. What difference does it really make? You want to go marry someone else then go ahead. Who’s stopping you. Why do you come here and make a scene. What do you want? Don’t tell me that you are expect us to compensate you?”

“I don’t want no compensation, Cheng Xiao Xiao. I want you to get down on your knees and apologize to me!” yelled Gu Junxian as he stared at her with a deadly look.

“Sure, I’ll apologize to you. Right now….”

A small fly swatter appeared in her hand before she finished her sentence and aimed straight at his face at lightning speed.



The sound came over and over again nonstop. Everybody saw that Gu Junxian just stood there unable to respond. Cheng Xiao Xiao was swinging her arms at speed so fast that her arm was but a blur to everyone. Nobody could even tell how many times Gu Junxian was struck.



When the two recovered from their shock Gu Gaoyi attempted to lung at his son to save him. But before he was able to make a move, he was frozen on the spot. He couldn’t move even if he had wanted to.

“Cheng’s, do you really want to be rivals of Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords!?” cried the man in black angrily.

Seeing his unfriendly look, Cheng Biyuan couldn’t help but to glance over at his daughter. Certainly the Cheng’s couldn’t take on Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords.


Finally Cheng Xiao Xiao stopped what she was doing as though nothing had happened. The other one fell straight to the ground, not even being able to hold himself up.

Everybody couldn’t help but to look at the one on the floor. Gu Junxian’s face was deformed from the beating by now. A lot of people that were present shuddered, this Cheng Xiao Xiao was too overly aggressive.

Cold light sparkled in the eyes of the man in black. He was enraged. He didn’t expect that the Cheng’s didn’t even cut them some slack after he had stated his affiliation with Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords and still gave his man a severe beating.

He fished out a jade jar and put a dan medicine into Gu Junxian’s mouth and then proceed to ignore him for the time being.

The zombified Gu Gaoyi noticed that he could move again and immediately helped his son up, but not without first losing himself and calling him, “Xian’er!”

“…….” Gu Junxian, with his head now swollen to the size of a pig’s head, opened his mouth but immediately gasped from the pain. He couldn’t even talk in his current condition.

“How dare you! Was that even necessary!” shouted Gu Gaoyi at the Cheng’s father and daughter as he helped his son up.

“SHUT UP!” warned the man in black. Suddenly, as those his acupuncture points were pressed, Gu Gaoyi froze again.

 The man in black didn’t even bother looking over at him. The arrogant man turned his head and looked squarely at the Cheng’s father and daughter and asked, “Are you going to give the Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords an answer?”

“Answer? Just what kind of answers are you looking for?” sneered Cheng Xiao Xiao. Her deep dark eyes reflecting chilling lights in the dark, “So what is it that you need? Mystical water? Mystical animals? Mystical rice? Mystical herbs? Should we hand them all over to you to make up for our being impolite to you?”

“You!” He didn’t expect her to call him out like that. Indeed those were his thoughts, but now that she had called them out, he was speechless.

After a long while, the man in black took a deep breath and said with a deadly look, “Very well. I will report this to our clan leader. You can give us an answer then!”

A threat. An clear and unadulterated threat. Everybody got the meaning of what he had just said.


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  1. Just beat him up too and take him to your space. That'll deal with him. Why bother with pleasantries with a bandit?

  2. I love her fearlessness!Thank you!