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TWQQF ch 300 - Crazy Bidding; The Cheng's Trump Cards (3)

The canopy went dead silent again with the last called out price. The second portion went for almost double the cost of the first one. That was a surprise to everyone.

With a knock of the gavel, this time the mystical water went to Bagua Sect.

The third portion went up for bid, and after another round of fierce competition, it was finally sold for five hundred and twenty mystical stones.

The fourth portion was sold for four hundred and eighty mystical stones.

The fifth portion, six hundred mystical stones.

The sixth portion sold seven hundred mystical stones!

The mystical water alone sold for three thousand or so mystical stones. Sitting there quietly the entire time, the corners of Zhu Xiangyu’s mouth twisted uncontrollably, it’d be impossible to get any deals from the Cheng’s going forward. Even a mutual gain would be difficult.

Gu Junxian, hiding in the corner next to his master, watched the drama unfold coldly. Deep down inside he hatefully wondered why Cheng Xiao Xiao hasn’t shown her face yet.

He was there to wait for her to show up. As soon as she appeared, he would ask to annul the betrothal right then and there.

As for his master, the coldness had finally lessen up a bit after the Gu’s won one bid with six hundred mystical stones.

Because what belonged to the Gu’s now belonged to him.

After the mystical water came the mystical fowls. Also divided into six equal shares with sixty animals each. Bids started at one hundred fifty mystical stones.

More rounds of vicious bidding ensued. Everybody went nuts, even the unaffiliated cultivators, not wanting to leave empty handed, started throwing down high amount of mystical stones.

Alas, it was still difficult for them to compete with the Top Nine Sects and the top families. Four to five hundred mystical stones were at the top of their budget.

All of them sat there green with envy staring at the power players sitting at the front of the venue.

They were all standing in the way of them trying to acquire anything. The prices were bid to an outrageous level and all the winning bids going to them, leaving nothing for the unaffiliated.

They felt progressively more unjust but nobody dare take any actions.

That being said, not everybody from the priority section was able to get their hands onto something. The most surprising was the School of Divine Condor; they didn’t even bid on anything, as though there were just here as onlookers.

Other than those from School of Divine Condor, the elder from Emperor City Cheng’s also did not join in the bidding, as though nothing going on concerned him at the moment. He just sat there as quiet as he could be.

Mystical fowls were also sold at outrageous prices. Old Man Ying, who was in somewhat of a foul mood, starting to feel a bit more uplifted.

That was because, he knew that his young mistress loved mystical stones. These prices would definitely appease his mistress. And, as long as his young mistress was happy, then his award would be….

Right now, he himself, loved award the most!

The Cheng’s had prepared a massive quantify of mystical rice, but they were still split into six portions, each being 20,000 dan. That was obviously prepared with only the power players in mind. That had finally enraged the unaffiliated.

A 50-something martial king, with his veins throbbing on his forehead, shouted angrily, “This is unfair!”

Old Man Ying, who was just about to auction off the rice was interrupted. He didn’t snap right away as he was still in a happy mood. He just looked at hi coldly ad said, “What you shouting about? Do you want me to throw you out?”

“Senior. This is so unfair. The way you divided up the goods was just too unfair to us unaffiliated!” shouted the man, his face flustered!


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  1. WHAT is this Divine School people up too??? Hopefully the father doesn't fall for it due to filial piety...! Gracias for the Chappie Translatorsan!!

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