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TWQQF ch 299 - Crazy Bidding; The Cheng's Trump Cards (2)

“The auction will now begin officially. The Cheng’s is providing 6 shares of mystical water, each share is 2 cubic liters. Starting bid is 50 mystical stones!”

As soon as he finished talked, the grumbling from the attendees started again!

“Why is it only six shares? And only 2 cubic liters a share? How can we compete for that?”

“The starting bid is 50 mystical stones? How can we compete with those from prominent families? This is too difficult!”

“That’s not enough. Didn’t you prepare anything for us with no affiliation?”

“It looks like we won’t be getting any mystical water!”


The unaffiliated individuals weren’t the only ones that were disgruntled, even those from the large families weren’t looking much happier. In addition to the Top Nine Sects, there were also the Top Seven Families. Yet the Cheng’s were only providing six shares of water, that would certain create some issues.

At this very moment, everybody turned to look at Cheng Biyuan. All of them asking him about it wordlessly.

Of course Cheng Biyuan got the meaning of the looks but he could only laughed bitterly on the inside, “The amount was not a decision of mine. All the quantities today were determined by my daughter!”


Everybody was speechless. Once again it was the mysterious, hard-to-encounter Cheng Xiao Xiao again!


Old Man Ying banged the gavel against the wooden board again. Piercing look coming from his eyes, his body filled with qi that rolled out in waves. A strong invisible force made put pressure on everyone’s breathing. Inside the canopy quieted down.

“If you want to buy anything, speak with your resources. Otherwise, get the hell out!” Old Man Ying was very being very aggressive. He didn’t care for these people and was starting to get quite annoyed with all the interruptions.

Everybody who were getting goosebumps dare not speak anymore. One by one they quieted down.

“Hrm!” Hrmphed Old Man Ying disdainfully. “Okay, starting the bidding of the first share of mystical water!”

“Sixty mystical stones!”

“Sixty-five mystical stones!”

“Eighty mystical stones!”

“One hundred mystical stones!”


“Two hundred fifty mystical stones!”

“Two hundred sixty mystical stones!”


“Three hundred mystical stones!”

Two cubic liters of mystical water had already reached three hundred mystical stones, definitely a high price!

Everybody was aware that this price was a bit on the high side but what choices to they have? There were so many attendees and the Cheng’s were only selling six shares, not remotely enough for everyone.

“Three hundred mystical stones. Anyone other bidders?” asked Old Man Ying coldly.


It was dead silent in the canopy. People were hesitant to bid higher. If they continue with the trend, they worried that the remaining five shares would be even more expensive.


One more smack with the gavel and Old Man Ying said, “First portion of mystical water sold to Huashan Sect!”

As he was still talking, he didn’t even look up when he casually tossed over a bamboo stick, which landed squarely in front of Elder Quan.

There were writings on the tiny bamboo stick – “Purchase 2 liters of mystical water”.

The bamboo stick signified their approval to buy from the Cheng’s. Everybody was amazed by the details of the Cheng’s.

It wouldn’t be easy even if someone wanted to wreck havoc.

“Okay, coming up is the second portion of mystical water. Starting at fifty mystical stones like the last one. Bidding begin!”

“Seventy mystical stones!”

“Eighty mystical stones!”

“One hundred mystical stones!”


“Two hundred and ten mystical stones!”

“Two hundred and twenty mystical stones!”


“Four hundred mystical stones!”

“Four hundred and ten mystical stones!”


“Five hundred and fifty mystical stones!”

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  1. "2 cubic liters "

    wtf? There is no such thing as a cubic liter. You can have a cubic METER of liquid. Or just a number of liters. 1000 liters is a cubic meter btw. Please learn middle school level units of measurements

    1. Wow, that was some encouraging words if I have ever seen any.

    2. Yet you didn't fix the issue, even if he said it in a pretty rude way.

    3. They havent fixed any of the 15 errors in this fragment of a part of a chapter.

  2. Uh grow up and stop thinking all words need to be encouraging? Its equally important to fix problems. Since english is not your native language you should know what level of mistake something is to prioritize how you improve future translations. This is a middle school level mistake for a native english speaker.

    Do you want to only be an appreciated translator that makes passably readable contributions, or do you want to also be a GOOD translator?

    1. Just because you were pointing out mistakes doesn't make it "constructive criticism". "Constructive criticism", by definition, is done in a FRIENDLY manner. There is nothing constructive when you insult someone.

      Besides, to the extent that I am not getting PAID. This is a hobby, not a profession. AND, judging by the fact that you are still reading at chapter 299, I'd say middle school level translation is just fine.

    2. This is not chapter 299. This is FRAGMENT 299. You for some reason are breaking up the actual chapters (that were short to begin with) into even tinier pieces. This is around chapter 80 depending on if my memory is good or not. Also constructive criticism does not mean polite. It means CONSTRUCTIVE which means details of what is wrong. I gave those details and let you know exactly how broken the sentence is from the viewpoint of a native english speaker. Its completely gibberish since '2 cubic liters' isnt a thing at all. Its nonsense. The other dozen and a half mistakes on the other hand werent total gibberish and merely bad grammar. But I added a post to point them out in YOUR definition of constructive.

  3. What's the issue that being rude and harrasing is needed?! Have you ever tried mtl a story only to have your brains turn to mush yet you still continue since you know you'll NEVER be able to read it in the orginal language..?!? YET when a kind Soul starts the challenging job of translating a story into a CLEAR and VERY readable format that allows you to finally understand for FREE! You APPRECIATE Their TIME and are Polite and Nice NOT Rude when helping them correct a grammatical error! I WILL ALWAYS be thankful...I may not say so consistently but I sure as heck will not stay silent...Just because we can hide behind a computer doesn't mean we need to lose our humanity and the manners we've been taught! It's these constant and chronic comments that MAKE Translators give up...!

    GRACIAS AmaZing TRANSLATOR FabUlous as Always!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. No, you were just plain rude. Constructive criticism is not rude. It's not WHAT you say, it's HOW you say it. Entitlement is thinking that you can just say what you want and however you want and anyone who find your words offensive are immature. You are the one who need to grow up.

  6. And learn to communication EFFECTIVELY.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. ¿ Effective Communication ?

    In other words quality writing. So lets go with quality of writing.

    Error 1. "The auction will now begin officially" -> "The auction will now officially begin."

    'officially' is a modifier for begin. In english modifiers, whether adverbs or adjectives, go BEFORE what they modify and not after.

    Error 2. "The Cheng’s is providing ..." -> "The Cheng's are providing ..." mismatch of tense.

    Error 3 AND 4. ", each share is 2 cubic liters" -> ". Each share is" run-on sentences are not good. Also fix the unit of measurement. Its likely meant to be 2 cubic meters based on context and the prices used earlier in the story.

    Errors 5, 6 and 7 "As soon as he finished talked, the grumbling from the attendees started again!" -> "As soon as he finished talking the grumbling from the attendees started again." Mismatched tense. Misplaced comma. Dont use exclamation marks for stuff that is a casual detail (not an exclamation).

    Error 8 "And only 2 cubic liters a share?" fix unit of measurement

    Error 9 "that would certain create some issues" -> "certainly" adverb needed, NOT adjective

    Error 10 "only laughed bitterly on the inside" -> "laugh" mismatched tense

    Error 11 "strong invisible force made put pressure" -> "strong invisible force put pressure" random word needs deleted

    Error 12 "was very being very aggressive" -> "was being very aggressive" random word needs deleted

    Error 13 "Everybody who were getting goosebumps" very subtle misuse of tense that even natives get wrong. Change to 'everybody who was' (you properly used 'everybody was' below so not sure why misused here)

    Error 14 "Two cubic liters of" ugh

    Error 15 "what choices to they have" -> "what choices do they have" completely wrong word

    Is this a more 'effective' communication for your standards?

    1. Not at all. Effective as in a way that's courteous and civil. It doesn't matter what you have to say when the way you say it turns people off immediately.

      It might be the #299 fragments, but that still meant you've returned and read 299 fragments.

    2. If being corrected turns you off THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. Telling people where they screw up is not rude, uncivil, or discourteous. Now if I had said you ARE a screw up, or that you are incapable of improvement, then that would be offensive and rude. Pointing out mistakes on its own is not. Grow up

    3. Once again. It's not what you said, it's how you said it. It's your attitude that was a turn off, not the content of what you have to say. But you are incapable of grasping that idea at all. Grow up.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.