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TWQQF ch 296 - Mandatory Fees; The Cheng's Were Strong (9)

So, those sitting in the front heard every single word.

Some of them pretended that they didn’t hear anything, others couldn’t help but turned and look at the elders from Emperor City Cheng’s and Cheng Biyuan, wanting to see their reactions to all these.

Alas, they were all destined to be disappointed. Let it be Cheng Biyuan or the elders from Emperor City Cheng’s, they all acted as though they didn’t hear a thing and their looks unchanged.

Under the instructions of Zhou Jinjiang, Cheng Biyuan stood in the middle of the platform. His cold look swept across closed to 500 attendees. His look wasn’t sharp but in front of him, everybody kept their mouths shut.

With a strict face, Cheng Biyuan started to talk. Something about welcoming everyone; something about appreciating them for coming to the auction; something about they’d try their best to make sure everybody was happy, so on and so forth.

The words were polite and empty, but nobody dare to interrupt. Many of those who wanted to see Cheng Xiao Xiao were disappointed; they didn’t expect her to not show up at all.

Cheng Biyuan went on talking for about one-incense time before handing the show over to Old Man Ying.

“Elder Ying of the Cheng’s will be handling all the items on the agenda from this point forward!”

Soon as Cheng Biyuan finished his speech and while everybody was still looking for this so-called Cheng’s Elder Ying, a sudden twist in the air and an old man appeared midair out of nowhere!

When everybody had a clear look of the person, all their mouths dropped open. They stared blankly at the old man – wasn’t this the same guy who asked them to pay that one mystical stone?

“He’s an elder of the Cheng’s?”

“Wow, this old man seems very skillful. Can you detect his cultivation level?”

“I can’t detect anything, like he just appeared out of thin air!”

“I think he must be very high level. I saw him sent a martial king flying and we didn’t even see where the man ended up!”

“Could he be a martial emperor?”

“No way. The Cheng’s has a martial emperor as their elder?””

“I am almost certain. He must be. Have you ever seen a martial king with that kind of power?”


Those standing below weren’t shy to discuss about this loudly, the elders sitting on the chairs almost leaped up in synchrony. They couldn’t take their eyes off of the old man standing in front of them.

On the mountain way leading to Willows, they have all noticed this plain-looking old man. They just didn’t know he was so powerful, and being the Cheng’s elder to top. How was it that nobody have ever heard about him before?

Those who felt unsettled and shocked. Those were reasonable reactions. The one person who exhibited unusual behavior was Grandmaster Wudao of Shengseng Temple.

Grandmaster Wudao was so emotional that his entire body was shaking. He took a deep, long breath and walked up. He took an extraordinarily respectful bow toward the man and said, “Senior, greetings from Wudao!”

“Okay, big monk. I know what you want to talk about but I am a little busy right now. If you wish to make a purchase, go back to your seat first. Otherwise, I am going to throw you out!”

Old Man Ying waved his hand impatiently, having no intention to listen whatever else he has to say.

“Yes, senior, I shall listen to your directions!” With a happy look, Grandmaster Wudao returned to his own seat.

Everybody was shocked and stunned. What just happened?

Grandmaster Wudao, who was a martial emperor, greeted the Cheng’s elder as his junior. What was that?

Anyway one looked at it, the man in front of them was merely a not-so-important elder of the Cheng’s. How was he being so rude to Grandmaster Wudao? What, what was going on?


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