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TWQQF ch 45.1 - Asking for It



The dogs started barking violently. They vicious side surfaced and their look threatening. They looked as though they were ready to spring forth and attack at any given moment. Ning Xunzong’s words had obviously enraged the two dogs.

Mrs. Cheng regarded the three arrogant young men in front of her, she felt worried and disturbed. Just looking at them you’d know that they were here to cause trouble, especially their outfits, they made her worried.

They were students of School of Divine Condor!

School of Divine Condor was the most prestige school in Dafeng. It was a congregation of elites and geniuses.

“Damn dog, stop with the barking!” Ning Xunzong could sense the threatening air from the dogs and raised his palm. He fully intended to kill the dog with one swift blow.

“Stop that!”

Came an angry roar. Ning Xunzong’s hand paused in mid-air and he looked up at the quickly approaching middle-aged man. Simply his presence was enough to let him know that he was the master of the household, Cheng Biyuan.
The furious Cheng Biyuan stared at them angrily. His razor-sharp look swept over all of these young men. His eyes narrowed and he asked in a deep voice, “Who are you and why are you here?”

“You are Cheng Biyuan?” Ning Xunzong had no regard for Cheng Biyuan at all and was more arrogant and despotic than ever. He looked at him with despise.

Looking at the obviously hedonistic rich kids, Cheng Biyuan frowned deeply. He had no idea why three students of School of Divine Condor would show up in a remote village like Willow Village.

He didn’t let that question lingered for too long but waved for his wife and child to return inside the house while he faced them alone.

The two dogs positioned themselves to both side of him. They stared at Ning Xunzong with vengeful look because he was about to kill them earlier and said he wanted to eat their flesh.

They were spiritual beings that were above being eaten by humans. Now they want to eat him in revenge.

Even dogs could be vengeful!

“I am Cheng Biyuan, what are you business here?” Both Cheng Biyuan’s words and mannerism were cold and distant.

“So you are Cheng Biyuan!” Ning Xunzong cast him a sideway look and haughtily he said, “Since you are the one who can make the call, I will make this brief. I am buying this entire piece of land. Name our price, I will see what I can do!”

“Buy our place?” Cheng Biyuan was a little surprised. He had an idea why they were here, but he didn’t expect their purpose was to evict them and take over their land altogether.

Ning Xunzong waved impatiently, “Name your price quickly and get the hell out. Don’t be an eyesore or I will take care of you.”

There were no such thing as the most arrogant; there were always more arrogant.1

Cheng Biyuan was about to explode from being enraged. Anger was burning in his eyes. His look was stone cold and he was filled with murderous intent. He was like a provoked lion.

He had never been disregarded to this extent. He stared at them and his look could kill. Angrily he shouted, “Get the hell out! And as far away as possible!”

“What? What did you just say?” The handsome face of Ning Xunzong turned red, then blue. Muscle in his face twitched, and his temple bulged out. The joy that was between his brows suddenly turned black. Pointing straight at Cheng Biyuan, he said angrily, “Who do you think you are? You dare shout at me? You are just a martial master, you thought we will be afraid of you? You won’t even be able to leave now. I am going to you all my servants!”


1.     Never heard of this saying before in my past. From Google it seems it should be self-explanatory, so I will leave it up to my reader’s own interpretation. :D

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