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TWQQF ch 51.1 - Has Fiancee


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Second, I have recently brought in my second translation -- Transmigrating with a Cleaver -- into the same site. It's not exactly the same as Transmigration with QQ Farm in that the protagonist is a guy... and sometimes there are jokes with some innuendos. But, it is similar to QQ Farm in that there is a transmigrator (duh!), and he transmigrated with his Xuan Yuan cleaver (as suggested so elegantly in my translated title :), and he was a chef (duh duh!). And the dimension was attached the his cleaver rather than the MC and it will level up and all. :) There are definitely the RPG / video game aspect to the story.

Because of these recent changes, the navigation be a bit messier than before, but I will slowly but surely work on a Table of Content for both books. Alternatively, you can also use the tags and archive in the right panel to help with navigation.



Cheng Xiao Xiao went into the mountain again. She didn’t have anything specific in mind but did hope that she could run into something that could level up the dimension. She knew it wouldn’t be an easy feat in this quite well frequented Mount Wanan.

Innkeeper Zhu had been feeling apprehensive the last few days. He has been pulling his hair out and looking depressed behind the counter. He kept and eye out and looked in the direction of the front entrance frequently, hoping to see the emergence of familiar faces.

Perhaps his sincerity has touched the lord, or his luck had finally changed. After checking several hundred times, he finally spotted the two very familiar person. When the ones he had been waiting for finally appeared in front of him, he was shocked beyond words.

He stared at them like he didn’t know them.

 Deacon Lin was not pleased with his dumbfounded look. Frowning unhappily, he said, “What a brainless idiot!”

“Deacon Bai, Deacon Lin, you are back?” Innkeeper Zhu was emotional. He wanted to slap himself in his face to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Deacon Bai nodded at him and didn’t say anything. He walked straight toward the guest quarters in the back.

Innkeeper Zhu finally came to after the two disappeared behind the door curtain. He slapped himself hard on his thigh and the pain was real. He muttered to himself, “So this was all real. I wasn’t imaging things. The two deacons really are back!”


He shouted out all of a sudden. The server next to him was very perplexed by his unusual behavior. Innkeeper Zhu couldn’t care less what the server thought and just told him, “Server, watch the shop, I will be right back!”

After that, he immediately rushed toward the guest quarter. He didn’t find anything, the two deacons were bathing. They have been wanting to bathe since they have been imprisoned for two days.

Innkeeper Zhu went to a different room since he couldn’t local the deacons and found the man in black whom he had sent and asked him about what had happened.

The man in black was scared to hold anything back and told him everything that had happened.

Innkeeper Zoo’s jaw dropped open. After a long while, he said with bewildered eyes, “You meant to tell me that the Cheng maiden imprisoned the two deacons?”


“And you said maiden Cheng is a beast tamer?”


“Oh my God! Oh my God! Beast tamer? How is that possible? Is it real?”

“Of course it’s real! I saw her removing over 100 snakes with my own eyes. How else could she had done it if she wasn’t a beast tamer. Not to mention that she said she’s is one herself!”

“Beast tamer? A beast tamer?” Innkeeper Zhu was shocked beyond words and muttered to himself. Never in a million years would he had imagined that the reserved-looking young maiden was a well-sought after beast tamer.

Innkeeper Zhu could never have imagined that. No wonder even the two skillful deacons were imprisoned by the maiden Cheng.

Two hours later!

Innkeeper Zhu saw the two deacons again. After bathing and some food, the two had regained their old arrogant manner and relaxingly drinking tea in front of a table.

Innkeeper Zhu dare not asked too many questions knowing what was going on. But knowing that they would be going to the Cheng’s tomorrow for the transaction made him surprised and emotional. The man in black didn’t tell him this part.

Going from seeming desperation to hopeful. Life was full of surprises!

While they were discussing the finer details of the transaction tomorrow, Cheng Xiao Xiao went home at dusk. All the villagers were already gone and her parents had finished preparing dinner.


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