Monday, April 1, 2019

TWQQF ch 44.2 - Arrival of Evil Guests

After lunch, Cheng Biyuan started watering the bamboos with the villagers again. The villagers were even more efficient and more driven after lunch. One of the smiled and asked, “Brother Cheng, how come the rice at your house is more delicious? Even the water from you well tastes sweeter!”

“It didn’t just taste sweeter. I was so tired before, and after a few sips of that water, I feel energized all over again! I am starting to think those are sacred water from fairies!”

“Yeah, they do taste better than the well water from my house. I wonder why?”

“Yeah, I felt the same way!”

All four of them starting talking. Cheng Biyuan listened to them with a smile while getting water from the well before he said, “The reason is actually quite simple. I think our house is just closer to Mt. Wan An, that’s why the spring water tastes sweeter. Nothing more.”

“Brother Cheng was right. We all got our water from the ground, we are thinking too much!” The slightly older Liu Lin Cai accepted that explanation.

None of the other people know what a mythical well was so, naturally, they all believed they were just overthinking it. The spring water merely tasted sweeter here was all.
While they were busying themselves, Mrs. Cheng and the kids were studying and learning how to read in the courtyard. Suddenly they heard the dogs barking!



“Mom, someone’s here. The dogs are barking!” Little Lan Lan was the first to put down her pen and ink and said to the suspicious-looking mother.

Cheng Zheng Yuan and Chen Zheng Bin also put down their books and saw their mother talking to herself, “Who could that be? I don’t think they are Willow villagers. Let me go check it out!”

“Mom, we want to go too!”

The young ones got up with her but Mrs. Cheng didn’t stop them. She walked out with the kids and saw 6 to 7 strangers outside.

Once she saw their outfits, she turned a little pale. She told her oldest son loudly, “Zheng Yuan, go get your dad! Quick!”

“Yes, mom!” Zheng Yuan turned and headed towards the back of the house without another word.

While this was unfolding, the dogs already sent the message to Cheng Xiao Xiao. She didn’t even have the chance to greet Liu Danhang, who was heading up the hill, before she turned around and dashed down the hill.

A hint of hurtfulness flashed past Liu Danhang’s eyes. Standing mid-hill, and looking at the backside of the girl who suddenly turned and ran away, he didn’t know what had changed about her. She didn’t even greet him when she saw him.

The pre-occupied Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t even realized her action had hurt a simple-minded boy. She had forgotten to explain to him, or we should say that knowing something bad was about to come down, she had no mood to explain.

The three young masters handed their horses over to the servants. When they saw Mrs. Cheng they were slightly surprised. They noticed that Mrs. Cheng did not look like your average woman from the village, she looked more like someone from a higher status.

Of course, none of these was important. They quickly turned their attention to the two dogs. Shi xiong Zhou looked them over and commented incredulously, “Interesting, very interesting. Even these two dogs are spiritual, they are almost mythical beasts!”

“Shi xiong Zhou, they are spiritual. Haven’t you noticed that the way they look at you are almost human-like? They are wary of us!” said shi xiong Gu.

Ning Xunzong pursed his lips in despise, “My two shi xiong, they are just two dogs. Who cares if they are spiritual. We will kill them on our way out. A meal of dog meats sounds good!”


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