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TWQQF ch 57.1 - Big Deal (1)

Cheng Biyuan picked the mammoth python per Cheng Xiao Xiao’e recommendation. Under little Yuteng’s training inside the dimension, this python had already evolved once. It wasn’t exactly a dragon or a water dragon just yet, but it was still no match for your regular mammoth pythons.

Cheng Xiao Xiao felt much better after each and every single family member received a pet. Afterall, they were expected quite a few visitors to show up in the days to come. The pets would play a vital role in protecting them.

In addition, Cheng Xiao Xiao had little Yuteng distribute their several hundreds of small snakes in Willow Village’s surrounding area to track any unusual movements.

Of course, that alone would not be enough. In addition to these, Cheng Xiao Xiao also had little Yuteng collected several different species of birds and cloned several thousands of them to surveil Willow Village from high above.

Cheng Xiao Xiao did not share these particular details with her family. Everything seemed normal around the Cheng’s. Even the few helper villagers were still show up as usual. But they were surprised by the changes they have been noticing around the Cheng’s.

They couldn’t figure out where all the beasts came from. There were wolf, tiger, and snakes. They were shocked but they didn’t ask. After all, they figured these are personal matters and the Cheng’s wouldn’t share with them anyway.

The Cheng’s and the Willow Village seemed to be calm, but in an abnormal way. Even the dogs in the village seemed to be barking less lately but just laid on the ground quietly in front of their respective houses.

In town!

A cavalry made up of several dozen of individuals appeared in front of the Ning’s and departed quickly.

Shortly after their departure. A lot of other strangers followed, as though some major event had happened..

Words spread quickly to Innkeeper Zhu and Deacon Bai. Innkeeper Zhu was worried, “Deacon Bai, Deacon Lin, should we head to the Cheng’s also? Just in case they need extra help or something?”

Deacon Lin rolled his eyes after he heard that. Deacon Bai didn’t comment right away but continued to sip away at his tea. After a while, he finally said, “We don’t have to go there ourselves, we just have to send something to check it out quietly.”

“But why, Deacon Bai? If we can join force with the Cheng’s, it will make our transactions in the future much easier!” Innkeeper Zhu believed that helping others when they were most needed would make the most lastly impression.

That’s the principle that he abide by both they way he did business and in his personal life. He thought that applying the same principle and going to support the Cheng’s, it’d go a long way.

“You looked at it in a too simplistic kind of way, and you have underestimated the Cheng’s.” said Deacon Bai nonchalantly. “No matter how many went there, the Cheng’s will be able to handle on their own. Us joining us will just muddle things up, and might even offend them!”

“That’s impossible!” said Innkeeper Zhu dubiously.

Deacon Bai casted him glance and laughed coldly, “You don’t believe me? Why don’t you analyze the situation yourself using that brain of yours?”

“I don’t get it!” Innkeeper Zhu was not a stupid person, but he couldn’t figure out the Deacon Bai’s meaning.

“You couldn’t figure it out because you are not aware of how scary the Cheng’s really are.” Deacon Bai laughed again, coldly. Deacon Lin and he had experienced it first hand. He continued, “As long as Cheng Xiao Xiao was there, they won’t have any problems. I am not sure about those who are heading their way though. On the other hand, if we join in and advocate that we are there for them, they might thought we were on the other side. They don’t have very good impression of us already. There’s no reason to make them to dislike us even more!”



1.     You will see the next 7 subchapters all have the same title. That’s because the original novel broke this up into 4 chapters, chapters 57 – 60. Not a mistake on my part. J
2.     According to Chinese legends, snakes can cultivate for 500 years and turn into water dragon. They live in large bodies of water. Sea dragon can cultivate for 1,000 years and turn into the traditional flying dragons that you have seen.
3.     Pictures of alleged real life water dragon. I am not saying they are real, but the pictures are still pretty cool too look at: Here’s a fun picture of a water dragon for y’all. J

Water dragon
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  1. but it was still no match for your regular mammoth pythons.

    That sounds like it's saying it wouldn't win in a fight against a regular mammoth python

    1. I agree, it'd be better "but your regular mammoth pythons were still no match for this one".

    2. This mis-translation occurs in most webnovels I have read. It seems the chinese version of the expression is just backwards