Wednesday, April 3, 2019

TWQQF ch 45.2 - Asking For It

“Oh, little boy, you have no idea. Better get the hell out now if you don’t want to die!” With a murderous fury, Cheng Biyuan lunged at them.

Even though he had just broke through to martial master, but he had been in many deadly battles in the past 30 years. His ability to fight was way above those of the kids in front of him.

Not to mention that he had killed martial masters when he was still just a martial scholar. He was not worried in the least bit about 3 junior martial master and 3 common servants.

A cold killer’s intent pierced through the air and pressure bore down on Ning Xunzong like a giant wave. Suddenly he was having trouble just to breath.

The other two turned pale and startled. But they dare not move for fear that they would become the next target!

“You, you you, you dare to kill me? My grandpa will come after you! As would the instructors as School of Divine Condor!”

Ning Xunzong was angry and scared. He was completely caught off guard. He never would have imagined Cheng Biyuan, a martial master equivalent of his, would be so terrifying. Just his presence made them too scared to fight back.

Two families had visited previously plus the ones they took care of last night. Cheng Biyuan had no idea which family these people were from. With a deep voice he asked, “Which family are you with?”

“Me? I am the young master of the Ning’s!” Ning Xunzong’s fear dissipated a little, but after meeting Cheng Biyuan’s chilling look, his neck shrunk uncontrollably. Stubbornly he said, “You name a price, the Ning’s will buy all your land!”

“Get the hell back to where you were from before I snap your neck!”

The Ning’s was just a big fish in a small pond. Cheng Biyuan was not worried about them at all.


Ning Xunzong shook from anger. Right then, his two shi xiong went and stood beside him. It gave me some sort of comfort and he cast them an appreciative look.

Shi xiong Zhou pulled his sword from it’s sheath and laughed coldly, “Shi di Ning, he’s just a martial master. Do you really think he could take all of us?”

“He didn’t want to leave, we will make him leave!” Shi xiong  Gu also unsheathed his sword.

Neither one of the shi xiong backed down. Ning Xunzong finally regained his confidence from earlier. With a ferocious look, he said, “Shi xiong Gu, you have misspoke. I didn’t want them to get the hell out, I want his entire family to be my servants and serve me for life!”

“Let’s take care of them first!” Shi xiong Zhou frowned. From his perspective, you take him down, you take him out. If you want to seize someone’s property, you don’t let them live.

“Okay!” Ning Xunzong unsheathed his own sword!

The three servants of the Ning’s stood as far away as possible. They were just innocent bystanders and didn’t want to die.


A loud roar and three silhouettes attacked thunderously. Their swords swung like swimming dragons with the speed of lightning. A twirl in the air and they all went after Cheng Biyuan.

“You are going to die now!”

Chen Biyuan was enraged all over again. His look cold like that of glacier. Just when he was about to engage, an odd looking fly swatter appeared in the air suddenly and he heard his daughter’s familiar voice, “Dad, let me!”


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  1. Thx!
    Can't believe that Grandpa Ning actually let that idiot grandson & co. do what they want especially w/ the Ning family being only 'a big fish in a small pond' LOL

    Honestly wondering how great mc's dad's (& maybe mom's) family background is before he was chased out...

    1. I don't think Grandpa Ning really "let" them do whatever they want. I think the idiot grandson only said "let me handle it" in a rhetorical way. LOL

      Guess we will have to find out. =D