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Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 6.2 - It Will Have To Do

“Shuo-ge! Shuo-ge! If you castrate me now, I won’t recover right away. Then I will definitely mess up!” The starling was so scared that his voice was hoarse and he shat himself.
“No more next time?” Lin Shuo stopped and asked, starting at the starling.
“Never again!” The starling shook his head violently from side to side.
“I’ll give you one hour, you get back into the woods and replenish all the energies you have spent last night!” said Lin Shuo as he flung the bird high into the air.
“Gua Gau~~” The starling stretched his wings in the air, fluttered them and flew away.
That was the first time Anne heard bird-like noises from the starling.
A lot of times, she had forgotten that he’s just a bird.
Before Xiao Ba had gone too far, a large trust with canvas over it’s truck bed entered the backside of the hotel.
The main business in this area is lumbar, these kind of trucks can seen everywhere within a hundred kilometers between the local roads and the train tracks.
Obviously, this was no ordinary truck. As the truck as entered into the backside of the hotel, Wei Xingshan walked out of the hotel with his dozen mercenaries. The mercenaries pulled back the canvas over the truck bed and opened the door. Trip after trip they are unloading boxes of various sizes painted in green.
After all the boxes have been unloaded from the truck, Wei Xingshan waved and the emptied out truck rocked it way out of the hotel lot.
“Open the boxes!”
One order from Wei Xingshan and the dozen of mercenaries started using crow bars to break the metal strips around the boxes, ripped out the packaging material, and take out the weapons one by one.
“There are tight controls inside the Chinese border, so we had no choice but to have these shipped here instead,” Anne whispered Lin Shuo’s ear at this time to explain.
While they were still in China, Lin Shuo only felt that all the mercenaries were very well-behaved. They all followed Wei Xingshan’s orders like puppets. He only felt that they were obedient, not so much professional.
But now, he could start seeing their strengths.
All the different and complex weapon parts of various sizes, all came to live in their hands. Picking them up, placing them, assembling, greasing, cleaning, adjusting, all the steps were done cleanly and efficiently.
Between the dozen or so individuals who worked like dozen or so machines, along with all the metallic sounds of metal pieces falling into place, each and single piece of equipment appeared in front on Lin Shuo in their original ferocious state in less than 10 minutes.
Wei Xingshan seemed very pleased with his comrades performance. He walked in front of Lin Shuo, cleared his throat, and said, “Mr. Lin, I know you are a capable person, but I am going to guess that you haven’t had a lot of experiences with these types of modern machinery?”
And before Lin Shuo could respond, Wei Xingshan continued, “Look here, this is ten set of  assault rifles. Indeed, they are cold weapons, but they are more powerful than handguns and more expensive than rifles.
“We were going to go with the US Army’s assault rifles as our main weapons, but considering our target this time, 5.56 mm bullets won’t be enough, so we swapped to these instead:
“OC14, also known as Groza, made in Russia. Nicknamed Thunderstorm. 7.62 caliber with 40 mm launcher, crazy firepower.
“And look at that big guy, this is a anti-material rifles, Barrett M95. In combat, these are used to take down military grade helicopters.
“I am going to skip introducing each and every single one of these small items. All of them are something handy.
“And our boxes of ammunition. If we put the amount of ammunitions that we have prepared in Europe  or Middle East, we have enough to take down a small country.”
When Wei Xingshan was introducing then weaponries, he look like a general inspecting his soldiers.
Ever since the rural village in southwest China when Lin Shuo casually placed the ebony box into the SUV and displayed his abnormal strength, Wei Xingshan had been avoiding any interactions with him somewhat intentionally or somewhat unintentionally. He didn’t dine at the same table as him; he didn’t ride in the same car as him; he didn’t even stay on the same floor as him when they stay at hotels. But right now, with the weaponries in hand, somehow Wei Xingshan had regained the confidence for a rematch with Lin Shuo.
There was finally a smile on his cool face, “Well, Mr. Lin. You think these will be good enough?”
Lin Shuo looked at the blurry mountains on the border of the small town, his look betrayed no emotions. The corner of his mouth twisted and he said indifferently, “They’ll do.”


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