Wednesday, April 24, 2019

TWQQF ch 56.1 - Assigning Pets to the Family

“Master, the instructors and students from School of Divine Condor are here!”

“Young master, the instructors and students from School of Divine Condor are here!”

Everybody inside the Ning’s house started scrambling around with the announcements from the servants. The entire family rushed to greet their special guests.

The welcomed the eleven guests hospitably, especially Ning Xunzong. He was practically dancing up and down in joy, along with his two scholar brothers.

Of course, even though old man Ning and Ko Yang were smiling, their smile was mixed with a hint of helplessness. These individuals had arrived before the ones they were anticipating.

This time the School of Condor sent out their D-level instructors. Instructors were divided into levels A, B, C, and D. Even though they are only sending their level-D instructors this time, he is still a martial spiritualist, still very respectable.

In Dafeng, even a martial spiritualist was well-respected. That’s why Mu Qingtong, the instructor from School of Divine Condor, exude this air of superiority when he listened to the Ning’s recounting the incident to him. His arrogance made old man Ning wanted to storm out of the room.

Even though he was disgruntled, old man Ning kept his temper under control. He didn’t say anything, as though he was mulling over something.

After Mu Qingtong finished listening to all three students’ reports, he frowned. He felt that the Cheng’s was too arrogant. There was no need to injure others even if they didn’t want to sell their land.

He had no idea of his students’ attitude. Regardless, School of Divine Condor was more concerned about whether their students got the short end of the stick. They don’t look into who was at fault.

“Mr. Ning, was what they said true?” Mu Qingtong looked to the side at the old man who hadn’t said a word.

Old man Ning had no idea what he was asking. Looking up, he said, “Yes, the Cheng’s have a mythical spring, that is true.”

“Oh….” Mu Qingtong was a bit surprised. He was not a stupid person, from old man Ning’s respond, he gathered that the incident might not be exactly how his students had presented.

He didn’t care about what had happened, he only need to confirm that the mythical spring was real. He gave his order, “Let’s take a rest and head to Willow Village tomorrow.”

“Yes, Sir!” Replied the students happily, this was not a wasted trip.

The Ning’s held banquets for their VIP guests to welcome them. The entire Ning’s house was bustling with liveliness.

Cheng’s resident!

Cheng Biyuan looked at the azure wolf king and was dumbfounded. He asked in disbelief, “Xiao Xiao, you can even transfer your mythical animals for others as pets?”

In this dimension, beast tamers could only order the beasts to obey them. It was much harder to get their trained beasts to serve others. Definitely not something a normal beast tamer could accomplish.

Everybody knew that, which was why Cheng Biyuan was so shocked when he found out that his daughter could gave the azure wolf king to his son as a gift. But now that he saw the azure wolf king sitting submissively next to his son, he had to believe that was true.

“Sure, why not?” Answered Cheng Xiao Xiao matter of factly. All the mythical beasts in her dimension obey her. If she wanted to gave them away, they had no choice but to obey her commands.

Looking at how surprised and happy her father was, Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled, “Dad, what kind of beasts do you like? Tell me, I’ll give you one as a pet too!”

“You can?” Cheng Biyuan looked pleasantly surprised. Seeing his daughter had nodded at him, he started pondering what kind of pet was the best fit for himself.


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