Tuesday, April 16, 2019

TWQQF ch 52.1 - One Problem Solved

“Mom, Dad, I was going to tell you that Innkeeper Zhu will be bringing his people over tomorrow to trade with us. We will sell a batch of our mythical animals and food. We can’t store them all. Not to mention that we can use some cash for other goods!” said Cheng Xiao Xiao nonchalantly.

“Innkeeper Zhu?” Cheng Biyuan paused and asked suspiciously, “Xiao Xiao, didn’t you imprisoned their beacons? Why is he bring people over? Are you saying that his master are sending someone?”

“No, dad, let me tell you what happened?” And she carried on to tell them the entire encounter.

Mrs. Cheng nodded, “Since they have begged for mercy and showed an intention to make things right, we should let bygone be bygone. It never pays off to have more enemies and is always better to be able to resolve issues amicably.”

“Exactly. We still have the Ning’s to deal with. If we add on those behind Innkeeper Zhu, even if we have nothing to be afraid of, it will still cause us a lot of trouble. As such, we should trade with them amicably tomorrow!” Cheng Biyuan also agreed that this was a good resolution.

Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled, “That being said, we have the upper hand now. We can’t let them take advantage of us. We had to sell our mythical animals for cheap in the past; we won’t need to do that anymore. We should raise the price up, higher the better!”

“What do you mean the higher the better? We still need to have buyers!” laughed Mrs. Cheng. But she was happy, after all, the future of the family lied with her daughter.

The three of them discussed how to price their animals for the next day, chit-chatted for a little bit, then returned to their respective quarters for some rest.

Ever since she has started cultivating, Cheng Xiao Xiao rarely slept on her bed. Normally she just stayed and cultivate in the dimension.

After breakfast the next day, the two deacons and Innkeeper Zhu came by the Cheng’s. This time they were much more cautious than they were before, and very respectful to the Cheng’s family member. All the arrogance from the previous time was gone.

Happy with this change, Cheng Biyuan showed them into their courtyard. Naturally, they had even more respect for the quiet Chen Xiao Xiao. In addition to the respect, a hint of fear could also be detected.

This time Cheng Xiao Xiao had no intention to interject; she left it all up to her father.

The helper villagers arrived and noticed the visitor at the Cheng’s. They greeted them from outside the courtyard and headed toward the back of the house. Cheng Xiao Xiao followed them to check out the situation.

Liu Danhang was the happiest person of all when she showed up. He liked to walk next to her, even if she didn’t speak to him at all. He was ecstatic, like he had just found some treasure.

Look at them, the four men nearby all sighed inwardly. They have already noticed yesterday that the Cheng’s had no intention of setting them up. Especially maiden Cheng, she was cold toward him. She had no interest in him at all.

It didn’t look like Liu Danhang stood a chance here.

Of course, they also understand that Cheng Xiao Xiao was truly out of his league. She looked like someone from a noble family. Walking next to her just made him looked like her servant.

Of course nobody verbalized any of these thoughts. It wasn’t their place to do so. When they arrived at the well, they started working without further exchanges.

Except for Liu Danhang, he looked solidly at the person in front of him. He looked like he had something to say, but didn’t know how to formulate his thoughts.

Even though Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t look at him, she still had a pretty good idea of how he looked. And at the same time, she had made up her mind to lay things out with him. It wasn’t a good thing for him to wander around in front of her all the time either.


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  1. "But she was happy, after all, the future of the family lied with her daughter."

    Funny to say for parents, who want to sell their daughter as fast as possible and not even to the highest bidder, but the next best.

    And I bet that heartbroken boy will sell them out, or betray them in any way out of revenge.

  2. Why her parents want her to get married over, you know how rare summoner in kingdom why make things look cheap, with now they dont need money anymore lol.. btw thank you