Friday, April 26, 2019

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 4.2 - New Members

After finished saying that, Yang Ta let out a deep breath, and said again, “Mr. Lin, this is practically a miracle in the field of biology. Given that Professor He and I have been in this field for our entire lives, we can’t possibly give up the opportunity to witness this creature in the flesh.”

“We understand that this mission will be extremely dangerous,” He Xihong chimed in, “And that’s precisely why we know that even with the help of Mr. Lin, it’d still be very difficult to capture this creature live. So if we want to witness this creature in its flesh, we must go on this mission in person.

“If only I can just catch a glance of it, my life would be worthwhile even if I die in Heilongjian.

“I am bringing Xiao Yang with me because he’s young, and that I have already passed onto him most of my knowledge. If anything happens, I will be the one to go first, you just have to keep Xiao Yang alive.”

He Xihong’s voice wasn’t loud, but his determination was clear. There was no room for argument.

Yang Ta did not express any opinion differently after hearing He Xihong’s words; he just looked at Lin Shuo eagering as though he was seeking for his approval.

“I don’t agree!”

Before Lin Shuo could respond, Wei Xingshan stood up from the table next to theirs and ostentatiously swaggered over to the table that Lin Shuo was sitting at.

“He doesn’t belong to ILRO so I have no jurisdiction over him, “ said Wei Xingshan as he pointed at Lin Shuo, then he looked at Professor He Xihong and continued, “But as the captain of the research organization’s Asian branch mobile unit, I have the authority to decide who from ILRO can or cannot join this mission. You two are researchers, you should stay in the base camp. Why go into the field and muck things up for us?”

“Captain Wei,” He Xihong’s face darkened, “I think you’ve got something wrong. I am the lead consultant and one of the founders of ILRO. I can decide who will be the captain of the Asian mobile team.”

“Great! Then just swap me out already!” Wei XIngshan slammed on the table, “I have had enough anyway! You guys are all talk, you think you can just join the mission like that? Do you know how many of us will die trying to get you back alive? You may have spent ten million dollars to buy the lives of the 15 of us, but are our lives really that worthless?”

Wei Xingshan’s voice got louder and louder as he spoke and, quickly, the other patrons of the restaurant got up one by one, and ran away from the restaurant.

A female server walked up next to their table as though she wanted to give them a reminder, but she was intimidated by Wei Xingshan’s terrifying look stopped her from approaching them.

He Xihong’s face was beet red and his hands shaking from anger. Anne quickly walked up to rub the old man on his back and gesture Wei Xingshan to talk.

Right then, Yang Ta adjusted his spectacles and said with deterministically, “Captain Wei, all lives are equal and cannot be measured with money. With regards to this mission, you have your responsibilities, but we also have our duties. If you truly think that we will just be your burden, that’s fine. We will go on our own, we won’t be needing your protection.”

“Well, we all have a common goal here,” said Anne, “And we are all aware of how dangerous this mission is. Then why can’t we just work together as a team? With Mr. Lin on our team, I believe our safety will be guaranteed. Do you agree, Mr. Lin?”

She turned and looked at Lin Shuo with her beautiful eyes as she talked.

Lin Shuo didn’t say a word the entire time. He looked at the others at the table that were at each other’s throats and said indifferently, “I am only here to do what I am paid for. The rest are not my problems. I am done eating and going to smoke a cigarette upstairs.”


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