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TWQQF ch 220 - Plotted Against By The Relatives; An Attack At Midnight (5)

“I didn’t say I won’t join, I just said I don’t have any plans as of right now!”

“But..” Cheng Zheng Yuan frowned and said, “Big sister, the top four powers will be recruiting two years from now. If you don’t enter the selection pool then, you probably won’t get another chance!”

Two years later, Cheng Xiao Xiao would be 18 years old. The top four powers did not recruit anyone above the age of 18. Once you were over 18, regardless of how talented you were, they would not accept you. This rule had been in place for tens and thousands of years; there had been no exceptions.

“Zheng Yuan, don’t you worry about me. I know what I want. Don’t worry. Since you want to get into the Xiaoyao sect six months from now, you need to work very hard. I think their minimum requirement was martial master, but I have faith in you!”

No wanting to continue the topic, Cheng Xiao Xiao quickly changed the topic.

The two of them chatted for a while longer. When he was taking off, Cheng Xiao Xiao handed her brother a snow ginseng and told him only to use when he had reached the bottleneck; that way he would be able to breakthrough and it wouldn’t cause any damages.

Cheng Zheng Yuan left happily with the snow ginseng.

“Young Mistress, how come you’d allow him to join a sect?” asked little Yuteng, baffled.

From Cheng Xiao Xiao’s perspective, as the dimension transform, her family’s cultivation level would increase. That wouldn’t be a problem at all, which was why little Yuteng was baffled.

Cheng Xiao Xiao replied, “Everybody has their own path; I don’t want to confine him, nor do I want others to confine me. If this is the path he wanted to choose, I want him to go for it. If he succeed, he had earned it himself; if he failed, at least he had given it his best and wouldn’t have any regret.

“If we don’t let him leave, it doesn’t matter how fast he could go up in is cultivation level, he’ll never be truly happy. Not to mention, one must leave one’s nest and experience the real world before one would grow up!”

“Young Mistress, when had you achieved such enlightenment? You sound like an old monster that had been around for several hundred of years!” shouted little Yuteng from inside the dimension.

You are the old monster!” said Cheng Xiao Xiao as she rolled her eyes. “You know these kind of things, I might not have pork before, but at least I have seen pigs run.”

“Young Mistress, you are so right. We can only help them so much; at the end, they will need to leave the nest and follow their own paths. Not to mention that each person has their own fate and will grow up at different rate!”

“Okay, enough of this chitchatting; I remember you mentioned something about alchemy yesterday, do you think we can really do that?”

“Young Mistress, I sort of feel that we might have that capability, but not quite yet. I think our dimension need to level up some more for that.”

“Ugh, are we back to the level issue again?”

Sect of Huashan1, in some far away valley!

Inside the residential hall of the leader sat a few high level officials, all of them strong cultivators above the level of martial spiritualist. They were the elitists of Huashan Sect.

Today, they were all summoned there by the leader of the sect, and none of them had any idea as to the purpose of the meeting.

Sitting at the leader spot was a middle-aged man around 40. He didn’t say a word, but in his hand he held a leader water bottle; one that looked like you could buy at just about any shops outside. Yet, the leader of Huashan Sect held onto it like it was a priceless treasure, refusing to put it down.

Nobody understood what was so precious about that generic water bottle.

Nobody in the hall dare utter a word; after all, nobody wanted to challenge the authority of their leader.

“Fetch me 20 cups!”



1. Technically can be translated to “Mount Hua”, but it doesn’t have a good ring to it, so going with Chinese pronunciation of “Huashan”.

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