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TWQQF ch 245 - An Unexpected Discovery; Chasing Away The Best (14)


Her body was on fire. She felt like she was in a fire-burning oven. Sweat was pouring down on her. The qi inside of her bouncing off in all directions and tearing up her meridians. All she could do was to force her qi to flow around her dantian as time passed.


Chunks upon chunks of thin but study ice appeared on the surface of her body. Bitter coldness entered into her meridians, all the qi contracted at the same time. This cold timed rumbled within her and slowly expanded outside and the burning hot sensation cooled immediately.

Her face twisted painfully and she gritted her teeth tight. Along with her suffering, her body was tempered over and over again; all impurities being forced out of it!

Time flowed on by slowly!

As though sensing something unusual, Ying Ziliang stopped and looked over in her direction and a surprised look appeared on him.

With his level  of cultivation, he could clearly feel the cold and hot senses within Cheng Xiao Xiao. And he was aware that she was tempering her element and strengthening and expanding her meridians.


Majestic qi within her quickly retracted back into her dantian. Layers upon layers of qi compressed at an alarming speed.

She was not aware of all these. She only knew to guard her lingtai and recite the mantra. Slowly, a scary looking spiral qi detectable with naked eyes formed on top of her and spiraled slowly.

Ying Ziliang was shocked. He was well aware of the thickness of qi within the dimension. And the young mistress was able to elicit such a response.

Incredible! Simply incredible!

Under his watchful eyes, constantly increasing qi rushed over from all direction and entered into the spiral! In the end, it formed into a tangible stream of qi. They looked like steam in the air, a strand here, a string there, all slowly entered into her body.

Hundreds of small streams combined into a rapid water and forced its way into her meridians.

Cheng Xiao Xiao’s meridians were being transformed one by one. And the process continued to speed one, faster and faster!

Her entire body felt like it was being pricked by a million needles. A pressure on her chest and roiling blood spit out of her mouth, but she stubbornly continued. Focusing with all her might, remaining motionless!

The spiral above her finally increased its speed slowly!

Gradually, a pointy tip began to form, turning it into a giant funny-shaped cloud. The tip of the tunnel pointing straight at Cheng Xiao Xiao’s baihui1. At an incredible speed, it all dissipated inside of her.

The leaves of the crystal fruit tree rattled again.

Sitting on the tree branch, little Yuteng continued to mutter to herself, “Hang in there, hang in there, it’s almost over….”

The qi continued to surround her instead of being absorbed; Cheng Xiao Xiao was still enveloped by the ever increasing qi.

Sitting there motionlessly like deadwood, Cheng Xiao Xiao suddenly shuddered and opened her eyes.

The qi above her all entered into her body. A bright light and she was exuding the aura of a powerful martial artist. Slicing through the air with a loud BANG, rolling qi shot out from her dantian.

“Mid-level martial master!” said Ying Ziliang to himself from a far.

“No, that’s not right. It’s Advanced-level martial master!”

Midair, the qi started spiraling all over again, as though it was….

Forming another funnel of qi?

The aura exuding from Cheng Xiao Xiao increased exponentially, much stronger than when she had started.

“Oh my god! Young Mistress is going for martial spiritualist in one sitting?”



1. An acupuncture point at almost the apex of one’s head.


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