Sunday, October 13, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 43 - Those Who Were Looking For Their Sisters (3)

Gu Qiao had his own secret and dare not go to the officials. He talked his wife out of it, the two looked at each other, resorted to accepted that it was just bad luck.

Inside the only inn in this nameless town, the two very elegantly dressed young men were dining inside when they heard this very desolate cries, “Mei mei! Where are you, mei mei?

“Second brother, it seemed we are not the only ones looking for our sister,” sighed Chu Mubai, as he looked at the frantic kid running up and down the streets from the window.

Chu Mufeng shook his head lightly and said, “That kid looks to be about 10 years old, his sister must be even younger than him. If they were just separated for a bit, that’s fine. And if she was taken by child kidnapper….”

Chu Mubai put down the chopsticks in his hand and frowned in concern, “Second Brother, do you think we will be able to find our little sister some day?”

“Yes, definitely!” Chu Mofeng felt pitiful everything he thought about this sister that he had never met before. “Haven’t we figured out who the trafficker was who sold Lan Xiang to the Chu’s already? As soon as we find her, we will be able to find out where Lan Xiang was from and we will be that much closer to finding our sister!?”

“Second Brother….” Chu Mubai was still worried, “Do you think maybe our little sister had already…. After all she was so weak and so young when she was taken away from us…”

“That’s not possible! Mother had left Lan Xiang with lots of money and jewelries that would be enough for them for several dozens of years. Our little sister will be fine and we will be able to find her!” Chu Mufeng sounded very convinced, as though he needed to convince himself.

“Hey, Second Brother, look….” Said Chu Mobai as he pointed outside the window.

Outside the window and on the streets, a small figure cried out “ge ge” toward the little boy who was looking for his little sister. Her sound was drowned by the noises on the street, but the little boy, as though he had sensed something, suddenly turned around and looked straight at the scrawny little girl.

Mei mei!” The young boy ran over and grabbed her into his arms and tears streamed down his face all over again.

“That’s so nice!” said Chu Mobai as he looked at the hugging siblings enviously. He wondered where their little sister was right now. He wonder when they would be able to reunite like this siblings in front of them. Little sister, just you wait, your brothers would find you soon!

Mei mei, Mrs. Gu said she had sold you to human trafficker, did you manage to escape?” Gu Ming looked his sister up and down and didn’t notice anything wrong with her. He finally felt relieved.

Gu Ye nodded, “Yes, when I was inside the courtyard, I found a dog hole. Luckily I am so small I could easily climb through it. Ge, let’s leave town quickly before the woman trafficker and her hatchet men find us.”

“Yes, you are right! It’s too dangerous here. Let’s leave here quickly!” Gu Ming held onto the his sister’s little hand and quickly walked toward the entrance of the town.

When they got to the entrance of the town, Gu Ye asked casually, “Aren’t we going to wait for mom and dad?”

“Why would we do that? So they can sell you again? Mei mei, when we get back, I will go ask grandma clan leader to let up split up into our own unit. Ge ge will hunt and farm to support you! We won’t rely on them anymore so they will have no excuse to sell you again!” What Gu Qiao had done today had completely disappointed Gu Ming. They could not rely on this father anymore.

Mei mei, you must be hungry. Have some of the shaobing that I just bought. They are a little cold now, but they are made from white flour. They smell really good. Here, try some!”

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    1. Of course. It's genetics. But I think they were thrown off because 1) she was smaller than a girl her age should be, making her seem a few years young, and 2) she has a "twin" brother

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