Friday, October 18, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 45 - The Path Was Narrow (2)

Looking at the departure of the fancily dressed young man and then at his sister who was toying with the money in her hand, Gu Ming struggled for a bit and finally said, “Mei mei, how could we just take other’s money like that?”

“What do you mean? Did he said it was for celebrating our reunion? Ge, I was also sold into brothel and we would never see each other again. Don’t you this calls for some celebration?” Gu Ye weighted the crushed silvers in her hand and contemplated weighting them on a scale. But they look to be a bit more than what that woman trafficker had paid for her.

When Gu Ming heard that, he was about to start crying again. He gripped his sister’s hand so tight that he never wanted to let go. The matters of the silvers became so unimportant all of a sudden.

The two siblings had a bowl of wontons and finished the shaobing in their hands before they found a remote motel and spent the night. They left first thing the next morning to head back to the village.

On their way back and spent the night inside the large courtyard, it was inevitable that they ran into Gu Qiao and Mrs. Gu. Gu Ye was ecstatic when she saw the two with their black and blue eyes and noses. Gu Ming was a little surprised but he returned to feeling indifferent quickly. With all the evil things that they do, it was a matter of time before karma got to them.

Seeing Gu Ye, Mrs. Gu let out a “Oh!” and charged toward her while shrieking, “So it was you who brought us bad luck all along! You heartless little brat, causing your dad and I to be beaten and robbed! I am going to kill you!”

Gu Ye agilely jumped out of her way and hooked the tip of her foot around Mrs. Gu’s ankle. Mrs. Gu’s gigantic body landed squarely onto the ground, even the ground seemed to have rocked a bit under her weight.

YOU are the heartless bringer of bad luck! You lied to my sister and take her to town and sold her to human trafficker for money! You are the evilest person in the world! I am telling you now that your being beaten was just bad karma catching up to you! You know that’s what happens to bad people!”

Gu Ming ran over and stomped onto Mrs. Gu’s hand and blocked in front of his little sister. He was like an angered lion cub, small but fearless.

Inside the big courtyard were mostly simple villagers; when they heard his words, they all turned and looked at Mrs. Gu, who just managed to get back up tonto her feet, with very judgmental looks.

Mrs. Gu was still trying to justify her acts, “You shut up, you! I was doing it all for her own good. You think about it, fi she was chosen to be the handmaid of some wealthy girl, she’d live happily the rest of her life. Good food and drinks, every month she’d earn enough to support her family for the entire year and still has money left! You are so foolish for not being able to see that!”

“But.. but the trafficker lady said she is going to sell me and the other sisters into brothels! Dad, what is a brothel? Is it really like what mom said – I will have plentiful of food, warm clothes, and get paid?” Gu Ye purposefully looked at her father with her pure eyes widen and an innocent look.

All the villagers around them now stared at them angrily. Gu Qiao’s felt his face burning up. He struggled for a while and still couldn’t find the right words.

Gu Ming had no idea what a “brothel” is, but from everybody’s look, he figured it wasn’t any place good. Angrily he tugged at his sister, “Stop calling her ‘mom’, she is not our ‘mom’. She’s not good enough!”

“How am I not good enough? Your father married me legitimately! You two unfamilial brats! And we have raised you for so many years. You two white-eyes wolves, ungrateful things….” Mrs. Gu wasn’t going to stop shouting at them any time soon. Her words made others around them frowned even more.

“You keep yelling at people and your tongue will rot!” Gu Ye voice rang clearly and loudly while Mrs. Gu paused to catch her breath.

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