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TWQQF ch 226 - Plotted Against By The Relatives; An Attack At Midnight (11)

The kids of the Tian’s, the boys were arrogant and full of themselves, and the girls felt inferior about themselves. Any way you look at it, they were an odd combination.

“Greetings from Xiao Xiao, cousins!” Cheng Xiao Xiao greeting them indifferently.

“Hmmm, cousin Xiao Xiao!”

“Cousin Xiao Xiao, good to meet you. You are not half bad!”

The two brothers have very different reactions toward her. One was arrogant and have no respect, the other was just rude. Just from the first impression alone, Cheng Xiao Xiao had already put them on her black list.

The two (female) cousins looked a bit on the shy side. They curtsied Cheng Xiao Xiao and called her “cousin”. There were envy mixed with a hint of jealousy in the way they looked at her.

They have barely greeted each other and before they chatted too much, Cheng Biyuan already asked for the dishes to be served and dinner commenced officially.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was the representative sitting with the younger generation. Both families have four kids each, a total of eight kids, just the right number to fill one table. Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t be bothered to host the Tian’s so she just focused on taking care of her younger sister.

Lan Lan was the youngest and didn’t understand the strangeness and coldness between the brothers and sisters. She was just happy to be dining with so many people.

Normally speaking, these young people who were around the same age should be able to hit it off. Nobody expected that on their first meeting, on top of the fact that the Cheng’s reputation hasn’t been that great, the Tian’s children who grew up among the nine top sects were simply too stuck up to engage.

Other than the main table with the adults, the rest were the few disciples by name in the dining room. They were also arranged to sit at two different tables, chatting softly.

Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t hungry, other than putting food into her little sister’s bowl, she was also making observations on the Tian’s sibling. They obviously want to devour the mystical animals on the table right away, but instead, they were eating in a slow and pretentious way!

A beauty being pretentious might still worth watching, but when it came to these people, they were just annoying.

The Tian’s were arranged to stay at another structure away from the main structure. The Cheng’s felt a sigh of relieve, they would finally be able to have a break from it all.

Sitting inside the living room, Luo Yujie sent away all the servants that were assigned to them and sat around with her family.

Tian Fusheng established a parameter with his qi to prevent others from eaves-dropping. What they didn’t know was the big bumblebee hidden behind the beam above their head, comfortably inside the parameter set by Tian Fusheng.

“You have all seen the current situation of the Cheng’s. The mystical well is real, the mystical animals are also real. I have scored big. Not only did I marry an elder of one of the top sects, there are also such treasures inside my family!”

Luo Yujie made no effort to hide her greed in front of her family. She looked like she wanted to take all of the Cheng’s possession as though they were her own!

All the Tian’s were already used to this. The same greedy look could be found on the rest of them as well. The apples certainly did not fall far from the tree. Old idioms were always right!

Tian Fusheng frowned lighted and looked at his own wife, “Don’t forget, we must establish good rapport with the Cheng’s. We must accomplish the mission given to us by our Sect Master!”

“Don’t you bring up your Sect Master. Hrm, they are all vampires! Why do we have to hand over what we acquired?”

This subject enraged Luo Yujie!

“What are you talking about? We won’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for Mingdong Sect!” Tian Fusheng gave his wife a stare. She was a typical money-pincher, money only goes in, never out!”

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