Thursday, October 31, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 51 - The Ruckus With the Adoption (2)

The clan leader patted him on his shoulder and said, “It’s a good day three days from now! Both Ming-er and Ye-er are nice kids, I hope you’ll treat them well.”

“Don’t worry, Second Brother! They will be my grandson and granddaughter from now on, of course I will dote on them!” said Gu Xiao as he laughed heartily.

By now Gu Ming had already ran over next to his sister. With her hand in his, he comforted her, “Don’t be scare, little sister! This grandpa seems very nice. He won’t be like that terrible Mrs. Gu who was always plotting against you!”

Ge, as long I can be with you, I am not afraid of anything!”1 Gu Ye gripped her brother’s hand tightly, her voice assertive. With her experience in reading people in two lifetimes, this grandpa wouldn’t be that bad of a person.

“Fifth Brother, why don’t you stay over at my place for a few days. We will pick a few strong guys tomorrow to help restore some of your courtyard.” Gu Xiao’s old house, after twenty years of weather, had turned into uninhabitable rubbles years ago.

“Thank you, Second Brother. Then I will take you up on your offer!” Gu Xiao turned around and waved at the two children and said lightly, “Ming-er and Ye-er, right? You guys put up with this place for a few more days. Grandpa will come and pick you two up as soon as our house is ready, okay?”

“Xiao Qi, I don’t care how you have treated them in the past. They are now my, Gu Xiao’s, grandchildren. You better take good care of them. If you dare starve them or overexert them, I will beat you to a pulp so that even your mother won’t recognize you!” As he said that, he waved his fist forcefully in Gu Qiao’s direction.

Gu Ye chuckled and said to her brother, ”Ge, I like this grandpa already!”

She thought she had lowered her voice, but Gu Xiao heard her comment anyway. He turned around, winked at the little girl and laughed, “Well, grandpa likes you two also! Remember, eat as much as you can in the next few days and gain some weight. That’s what Xiao Qi owes me!”

The next day, Gu Xiao borrowed a donkey from the head of the village and headed into town to take care of the paperwork.

Before he started on his trip, Gu Ye looked for this brand spanking new grandpa and handed over to him the Ganoderma that she risked her life to get and said to him, “Grandpa, ge ge said even though the rocks and woods don’t cost anything for the house, but you will still need to cover the meals for those who came to help. My brother and I came across this gandoerma one day. You can sell it for money when you are in town.”

Even though they hadn’t spent too much time together, but this grandpa left her with a good impression of being a very straightforward and easygoing man. She was certain that her days in the future would be no worse than the days at the Gu’s. But, in order to gain some brownie points for her brother, she was willing to part with her Ganoderma.

Gu Xiao looked from the Ganoderma the size of a half a palm to the skinny little girl, his look full of tenderness and kindness. He smiled slightly and patted her on her head with his rough and large hand and said, “Do you really think grandpa is so poorly that he can’t even afford to eat? Don’t worry your pretty little head! Your grandpa can at least afford to rebuild the house. You keep this Ganoderma, it just might come in handy some day!”

“Well then… can you help me sell it and get me some white rice and flour? My stomach is weak and I can’t have coarse grain,” said Gu Ye as she secretly study his reaction.

Gu Xiao looked just like usual and, still smiling, said to her, “Just put it away. Do you not think grandpa will be able to feed the two of you? I might have a limp, but my hunting skill is as good as before. Let me tell you, I was the one who taught Hunter Zhang how to hunt! Okay, you are still a child. Stop worrying about all these things and go get some rest!”
Translator’s Note:

1.      She wouldn’t be afraid of anything regardless, with or without the brother. =D

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