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TWQQF ch 238 - An Unexpected Discovery; Chasing Away The Best (7)

Under Zhou Jinjiang’s austere stare, each and every single one of them lowered their heads. In the Zhou’s, Zhou Jinjiang has absolute respect.

The strictly adhere to the “your husband is your entire world” rule, which was the most basic rule among common women.

Ye, don’t be angry. We just worry about our safety is all!” Mrs. Zhou explained again after she had made him promises, “Neither me nor my sisters had expect that the Cheng’s would encounter someone so powerful.”

“Hrm, these characters are everywhere. It’s just a matter of whether they would come and rob you!” Zhou Jinjiang had been working for the royals for many years. As far as he was concerned, risking one’s life couldn’t be more normal. He never expect to live a secluded life after he had quit his previous position.

Contrarily, he was aiming for the next higher level. He failed to see any more prospect working for the royals. Other than losing his life, there just weren’t a lot more he could go after. He had been stuck at the martial spiritualist level for eight years. In the past eight years, he had tried all means but still weren’t able to move forward any.

Ever since he had drank the mystical water from the Cheng’s, he noticed that his bottleneck was starting to loosen up. That had brought him the biggest surprise. He realized that he was better off fighting along side his buddy rather than selling his life to the royals. In addition, he knew very well what kind of people the Cheng’s were – tits for tats, quid pro quo.

That was why he gave up what he had worked on for the past twenty years – the riches, the power. That might have been way more difficult to give up twenty years ago; but now, he could give them up easily without looking back. All these were merely materialistic goods; what he was going after longevity.

Cultivators below the level of martial king have lifespans between 100 – 150 years; once you break through passed martial monarch, at least 300 – 400 years, and he had met someone like that before.

Someone who had lived for 340 years who looked about the same as him. He was utterly stunned, and also made up his mind to pursue longevity with his family.

He wanted to bring his two sons with him as well, but he couldn’t, for the peace of mind of the emperor. Unless he had powers to stand up against the emperor, he’d have to wait till his sons finished their training before he could see them again.

Ye, don’t be mad. We just worry about your safety is all!” said Mrs. Zhou, as the concubines next to her nodded in agreement.

Zhou Jinjiang looked at this concubines and said, “It’s almost morning, you should go back and get some rest. We can talk more tomorrow!”

“Yes, qie1 will retire now!”

The concubines dare not disagree with him. They curtsied to him and retired, leaving the couple in the main house

Mrs. Zhou laughed as she saw that and said, “Ye, the sisters only had your best interest in mind. Why you have to scare them like that?”

“I wasn’t trying to scare them!” said Zhou Jinjiang as he shook his head. He looked at his wife and said to her, “They were women gifted to me by the emperor. They are not of high status and also very ignorant. You need to guild them so they don’t misspoke and bring us trouble.”

Ye, I got this!” nodded Mrs. Zhou. Then, she sighed and said, “It would be nice if they can cultivate too, then they will be able to always keep you company!”

Mrs. Zhou is not an envious person. She understood her husband’s feelings toward her, and the concubines were merely women gifted by the emperor and they must keep them around and they’d serve her husband when she wasn’t feeling well.



1. How the concubines were referring to themselves in a humble form.


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