Saturday, October 26, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 48 - Grandpa (2)

Even Gu Ming, who had planning to severe his relationship with his family, noticed that Mrs. Gu had stopped causing troubles to his surprise. Even the way that Gu Qiao treating the two of them have changed slightly. When he brought up wanted to split up, his father shot it down and promised that they would not plot against Gu Ye ever again.

Not that Gu Ming had any more faith in the two, but the winter was coming and now really was not the time to split out. Whatever happened, they would have to wait till after the winter and make plans in spring.

The weather was turning colder and colder and the villagers busied themselves with picking and chopping up firewood. They must ensure there were enough wood to last the entire long winter.

Gu Ye followed her brother back from the mountain with a small bundle of firewood on her back. Ever since they have returned from town, she noticed that the games had increased again inside the traps. She had further noticed that all the games had signs of human-caused injuries. Obviously, someone had hunted these animals then tossed them into their traps.

Who could that be? And why were they doing this? Gu Ye had lots of questions. Questions or no questions, nonetheless did not stop her from accepting these game meats. Soup, stir fried, braised, roasted…. The two siblings were now a healthy glow of pink and also gained quite a bit of meat.

When Gu Ye looked in the mirror in the dimension, she was no longer startled by her own image. With the filling out of her face, one could tell she was quite a fair looking girl!

“Gu Ming! You need to hurry up and go home! You are about to gain a grandpa!” Li Hao ran with antelope like agility on the rugged mountain roads.

“What the heck are you talking about? My grandpa died years ago, how do I have another grandpa?” Gu Ming put down the bundle of firewood that was almost taller than him and wiped away his sweats as he gave Li Hao a stare.

Li Hao grabbed his hand and started running toward the village. As he was dragging him behind he said to him, “It’s hard to explain, why don’t you just go see for yourself? He had been in war and now he’s a cripple!”

“Hey, hang on! My firewood!” Gu Ming tried to pull free of Li Hao’s grip but he failed. Having no other options, he let Li Hao dragged in the direction of his home, “Slow down! My sister is still behind me!”

Gu Ye shook her head slightly and stared at the pile firewood that was taller than her. Her brother had expended a lot of energy in collecting these firewood, she couldn’t possibly just leave them here. She didn’t want anyone else to walk away with them and wasted all of her brother’s effort.

She put down that almost weightless bundle of firewood in her hand and carefully looked to her left and right. She then wrapped her hand around her ears to listen to any activities close by before she fished out a bottle of “strength enhancing” potion. This potion was blue berry flavored and could enhance one’s physical strength 10 fold for a period of time with no side effect. In her past life, this potion could save lives and was very popular.

After drinking the potion, she placed the pile of firewood the resembled a small mountain onto her back and, with very limited effort, the pile of firewood was lifted into the air. She could even carry her own bundle of firewood with one of her free hands and continued walking down the mountain as if she was carrying nothing on her.

Ling Juechen’s hidden guard witnessed this and his eyes widened: What did these two siblings eat? The size of that bundle of firewood would be a struggle even for an adult yet the two of them made it look so effortless. The boy still made sense, but even the little girl that his master has his eyes on was so lively!

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