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TWQQF ch 240 - An Unexpected Discovery; Chasing Away The Best (9)

“Yuqin, now that there are nothing else for you to worry about around the house, you should focus on cultivating again. At least to protect yourself if not for us.”

Ye, I understand. I will pick up cultivating again as soon as sister Yujie and her family takes off!”

Upon the mentioning of Luo Yuqie, Cheng Biyuan frowned and a strong look of disgruntlement appeared on him. Even though Tian Fushang showed up tonight with him, when it came down to it, he didn’t join in the fight at all. He was a martial spiritualist, but he was so scared that he didn’t make any move at all.

Not to mentioned they have been eyeing the Cheng’s possessions. Especially when he thought about how Luo Yujie had been acting lately, his look worsened and he said, “Yuqin, you know your sister had been plotting since the day she had arrived. I urged you to pay her less attention so her family will leave soon, before anything unpleasant happen.”

Ye…” Luo Yuqie paused for a second and nodded silently before she said to him, “Ye, I know that sister Yujie can be a little mean and frugal, but she is still my sister after all, now that she is here, I ….”

“Yuqin, you must understand that this is our home, not your family home of Luo’s. I couldn’t care less how she used to be, nor is it my place to. But now she was here plotting against our possession, plotting against Xiao Xiao, I wouldn’t agree to it. Don’t forget, everything we have today, Xiao Xiao brought it all for us. Are you saying that just because she is your sister, we should just let her rob us blind?”

Ye, of course that’s not what I meant….”

“Of course it is. Yuqie, sometimes you can be so naรฏve…”

Cheng Biyuan’s face turned cold and he asked directly, “Did she ask you about the mystical water and mystical beasts? Did she complain to you about the hardship that her family faces, and asked you for help? Has she told you how great Xiao Xiao is in front of you, and how great her sons are? Has she told you to have Xiao Xiao go hang out with them, or to go visit their place?”

“Well….” Of course she did, more or less every day. Mrs. Cheng was instantly speechless.

Looking at her, Cheng Biyuan said with disgust, “How are the two useless sons remotely good enough for our Xiao Xiao? You… sometimes I don’t even know what to say.”


“We should befriend those who would only come when they have something to gain, and we never see when there aren’t. Remember, Yuqin, just because you are nice to someone doesn’t mean they will reciprocate. In fact, the better you are to them, the more they think of you as a fool. You have a pretty good idea what kind of a character your sister is. Right now you are a complete fool in others’ eyes!”

Ye, I just don’t want others to gossip about us behind our back any more. We have already been shamed for over ten years. I really don’t want it to continue, that’s why we….”

“Yuqin, you are wrong. Remember, in this world, there’s only one way to earn respect – to be powerful. As long as I am the most powerful, everybody will respect me. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how nice you are, so what? Do you still not get that?”


“Spend some time, think it over. How do we respond to certain people. These so-called relatives wouldn’t be with us for life. The only ones that will be by our sides are our children.”

Mrs. Cheng did not speak again for the rest of the night. She sat and thought about the entire conversation all night long!

The next day, Cheng Xiao Xiao was not seen until it was noon time.

The Tian’s had been waiting in the main residence’s living room since early morning. Their purpose was, naturally, to see Cheng Xiao Xiao. Mrs. Cheng didn’t want others to disturb her daughter’s rest so she just pretended she didn’t notice Luo Yujie’s subtle hints.


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      I'm sure if you pointed out specific parts where there is an error, the translator, who took a lot of their time to do this for free, would be happy to fix it.

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