Thursday, October 3, 2019

TWQQF ch 217 - Plotted Against By The Relatives; An Attack At Midnight (2)

But if he went to seek her out, it would cut into his time of searching out the other girl. He wanted to seek her out as soon as possible. The pretty, cute, and also mean girl. She was pretty even when she was angry…

Thinking about this, he spaced out again. He couldn’t help but recalled the time when he had planted a kiss on her lips. A hint of a smile appeared on his handsome face.

“Ugh…” Her shi xiong Mo in front of her had gone to his far away place again. And again with that crazed look. Gong Zixuan was all the more certain that he had fallen for a girl.

At this moment, Gong Zixuan had an awkward feeling. Even though she had always thought of him like a brother, but both her parents along with his master and shi mu all wanted to set the two of them up. She didn’t expect him to fall for someone before she did.

She couldn’t describe the feeling, but deep down she was happy for him. After all, it was so difficult to meet someone that one would like. Just like when she met that one person. Would she… ever see him again?

The two of them had both gone into their own worlds and time trickled by.

“Mistress, young master Mo, what are you two thinking about?” came a young, feminine voice that broke the tranquility inside the kiosk. The two looked up one after the other and saw a silhouette approaching then. T was Jun’er who had been playing with the mystical crane.

“You are back? Did the mystical crane let you ride on her?” smiled and asked Gong Zixuan.

Ever since Jun’er had seen the mystical crane, she has been asking it to carry her around. Unfortunately the was very prideful and looked down on anything other than it’s rightful owner, Mo Xuanzun, let alone Jun’er. Even though she had been whining for some odd ten years, that has yet to happen.

Miss Jun’er seemed to have developed a taste to mess around with the mystical crane. The more it ignored her, the more she messed around with it. Gong Zixuan, who was already used to seeing it, couldn’t help but make fun of her upon her return.

“Aiya, Mistress, you know how it is. The mystical crane is as silly as young master Mo!” Miss Jun’er expressed her discontent.

“Jun’er, you are wrong. Xiao He is Xiao He, I am me, we are certainly not the same. On top of that, why did you say Xiao He is as silly as me? How am I silly? Xiao He is the silly one. But you can’t say that in the future, otherwise, she’d ignore you even more, you will never be able to ride her in this lifetime. Jun’er, you need to take a page from shi mei Gong, you are too rambunctious, this is not helpful to your cultivations…..”

“Stop, stop, stop!”

Jun’er couldn’t handle him going on and on, she just wanted to shout to make him stop. Staring at the one who’d finally shut up, she said, “Young master Mo, I don’t care about anything else. I only have one question for you!”

“Oh? What is your question, Jun’er? I will for sure answer you if I know the answer to it.” Mo Xuanzun did not think too much about Jun’er’s rude behavior. He was already used to her when they grew up together.

“When are you traveling to Dafeng to visit Miss Cheng?” That’s the question she was most concerned about. In Jun’er mind, they are already a couple.

Mo Xuanzun was a bit surprised and asked, “You knew I am going to Dafeng also?”

“How is that a question? Of course young master Mok will go!” said Jun’er with a big smile.


Mo Xuanzun was just about to say something else when Gong Zixuan, sitting next to him, said lightly, “Shi xiong Mo, since you aren’t that busy lately, you might as well make a trip to Dafeng. After all, I am quite curious to find out more about this jade vine. Can you please go find out for me?”


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