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TWQQF ch 221 - Plotted Against By The Relatives; An Attack At Midnight (6)

Someone from outside the door responded to the leader, and jade cups were delivered to them shortly.

The elders exchanged looks with each other, having no idea what the leader was trying to convey to them.

The leader twisted open the cap of the water bottle and immediately started pouring it into the jade cups in front of him. A stream of clear water flowed out from the water bottle; at this very moment, everybody’s eyes widened and one of them shouted out uncontrollably, “Mystical water!”

“The qi was thick!”

“This is good stuff!”


Everybody started talking at once, their eyes watching the leader’s every move keenly.

After he had finished pouring mystical water into each and every single cup, the leader put away the little bit of remaining water.

His action made everyone jealous, but nobody dare breath a word.

The leader delivered the cups in front of the elders one by one with his inner qi.1

Naturally the elders weren’t going to decline this offer, they each grabbed a cup and their look rattled. It has been quite a while since they have had mystical water so full of qi.

“Drink up!”

With that, the Sect Master was the first to pick up the cup and downed it entirely. After putting down the cup, he squinted and said, “It’s qi saturation is as high as 80%!”

“Yes, definitely around 80%.” An elder agreed emotionally.

“The qi is so thick!”

“Sect Master, this mystical water….”

They all looked longingly at the Sect Master, this mystical water was only too important to them.

Meeting with the elders’ gaze, the Sect Master replied casually, “Do you all recall the purpose of elder Quan’s trip?”

Willow Village!

The location popped into everybody’s mind at the same time.

Every one of them have already heard about rumors about the Cheng’s at Willow Village. Nobody put too much thought into it up to this point. They figured so long as they sent out their men to find out the truth behind it all, then that would be that.

Plus, they all know very well that elder Quan has an old buddy at the town of Daling, and that was the purpose of his trip.

Even though there had been rumors a while ago, they didn’t think too much of it. First of all, they weren’t going to take the rumor at it’s face value without any proof; secondly, even if they did exist, nobody will sell anything that was so rare; it’d have been hidden long time ago, it didn’t make sense that everybody would have heard of the rumor.

“I trust that you all have recalled. That is correct, elder Quan obtained this bottle of mystical water from the Cheng’s and sent it back. He is still staying at Daling waiting for our further instructions.” The Sect Master continued to explain this to everyone.

One of the elders with the jade cup still in his hand, his eyes sparkled with greed and said, “Sect Master, we can’t let a mystical well like this slip through our finger tips!”

“It’s already too late!” replied the Sect Master nonchalantly.

Too late?

Everybody was shocked by that answer.

Looking at everybody’s reaction, the Sect Master smiled lightly and said, “It looks like you are rarely paying attention to what has been going on outside. The royals have already sent out imperial edict to the Cheng’s, gifting them the entire Qing’an Province.

“This….” all the elders were dumbfounded.

“Not only that, from what elder Quan reported back. The Cheng’s are dealing with Green Mountain Manor right now!”

Green Mountain Manor?

Another big news. Everybody’s colors changed.

The Sect Master was not done with all his shocking announcements and continued, “Elder Quan had further confirmed that the Cheng’s has a master beast tamer. In addition, all their mystical beasts are the powerful ones, not only do they have azure wolves and white tigers, they also have python and fiery lion. Words had it that they even have something called a fiery bird. As for right now, elder Quan cannot confirm that these were the only ones that they have. As for whether there are more, we haven’t heard anything on that just yet!”



1. Think flying through the air.


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