Friday, October 11, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 42 - Those Who Were Looking For Their Sisters (2)

“Gu Ming! You get back here now!” Flustered and exasperated, Gu Qiao was about to run after him before Mrs. Gu stopped him.

“Oh, stop that already. Never mine if he can even find that trafficker; even if he can, he has no money on him, he won’t be able to get her back. Just you wait. He will come back by himself when he is tired.” Mrs. Gu carefully put the money away and, with her man in toll, when inside the only cake and snack shop in town and purchased half jin of pastries.

She had promised her youngest son cake before they left. If they didn’t go home with cakes, he’d for sure throw a big fit! Thinking of her youngest son, her face was full of motherly love.

Putting aside Gu Ming who was running around town looking for his sister like mad for now. Inside the courtyard where Gu Ming was, the two stocky hatchet men were lying on the ground, their faces green and purple. The chubby trafficker eyes widened with fear. Meeting the cold look from Gu Ye, she couldn’t help but shuddered.

Who’d have thought that the small girl barely ten years old could take out the two muscular and tall hatchet men like she was just toying with them. The female trafficker had been in this business for years and have seen quite a bit in her life time. She never thought she would have misjudged the situation so badly.

Gu Ye tossed away the weapon that she had picked up casually – a stick the thickness of a finger – onto the ground. She looked up at the fat woman trafficker and said nonchalantly, “I am leaving now, any objections from you?”

“No, no, none whatsoever!” The fat woman trafficker looked at the two men who were still rolling on the ground moaning and shook her head like a rattle drum. This little girl in front of her was like a god of misfortune, she just wanted her as far away as possible!

Gu Ye turned around in a chicly manner and started walking away toward the outside. Right when the female trafficker let out a long sigh of relief, she had turned around and returned.

“What… what do you want?” asked the fat female trafficker. She couldn’t clearly hear her teeth clattering against each other.

Gu Ye walked closer and closer to her and the fat female trafficker tripped over a rock on the ground and fell on her fat buttocks. She ignored the pain and pleaded for mercy.

“Well, if I just walked away like this, wouldn’t you lose money on this deal?” said Gu Ye with a chilling voice.

The fat trafficker quickly waved her hands and said, “No, no, that is perfectly fine! Please feel free to leave. If you need money on your way, I can….”

“What do you mean it’s fine? A trade must be fair. If I have left, you must get your money back. The couple is probably still somewhere in town. I am sure you and your men can still catch up to them!” Gu Ye didn’t want the evil couple to keep the money.

The fat woman trafficker, upon hearing her words, started thinking to herself: This little girl looked nothing like the couple. Was she kidnapped? No wonder that couple showed no signs of distress at all, cause she weren’t their flesh and blood! No, she could not let that happen! Nobody takes money from her, Li Guifen!

After Gu Ye stepped out of the courtyard, the fat woman trafficker took her two limping hatchet men and stopped Gu Qiao and his wife at the entrance of the village. Without a word, they gave them a good beating and took all the money on them and left.

Gu Qiao and his wife had no idea why they were beaten up. They had lost not only the two taels, but also the changes that they had with them originally. Mrs. Gu cried and wailed and called the fat woman trafficker a bandit and said she wanted to report her to the officials.

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