Friday, November 29, 2019

TWQQF ch 272 - Everybody's On Their Moves; Lots of Suspicious Activities (5)

The elder of Bagua Sect started the meeting as though he had been assigned the lead position.

Unexpectedly, nobody responded to his speech. The entire room fell silent.

Failing to drum up any support, the elder of Bagua Sect’s face dropped. He had planned this whole time to take the lead right away.

Naturally everybody wanted to take the lead in this alliance, but the biggest challenge was how to make the others agreed that he was the lead.

The “Top Nine Sects” sounded good when spoken of together, but in reality there were, of course, a lot of conflicts between the individual sects – fighting over resources, talents, territories, just about anything.

Surely they were banding together this one time by forming this so-called alliance, but even so, each sect still wanted to take the lead.

Once a sect could take the lead, that meant they would be in the best position to receive the most benefits!

See that the atmosphere was a bit awkward and uncomfortable, an gentle and friendly-looking old monk from the Shengseng (Sacred Monk) Sect said lightly, “In my opinion, Elder Lin of Wushan Sect had already had previous contact with the Cheng’s, I felt he’d be the best candidate to lead this alliance this time around.

“I agree with Monk Wudao’s suggestion!” said Nun Saochen of the Yuni Sect.

Elder Quan of Huashan Sect and Elder Du of Shendong Sect exchanged a look subtly and immediately said, “Huasahn Sect also agreed to having Elder Lin lead this mission!”

“Shendong Sect agree to have Elder Lin to lead this mission as well!”

In almost no time, almost half of the nine sects have came to some sort of an agreement; whatever ones left wouldn’t be able to get enough support even if they have wanted to.

They pondered over it for a bit and each and every single one of them voiced their agreement. Essentially all nine sects have came to the agreement to have Elder Lin as the lead of this alliance.

Now that that was settled, more important issues could be bring to the table for discussions.

“Everything else aside, in my opinion, the most important thing right now is to figure out what exactly are the Cheng’s auctioning off in two days. Elder Lin had been staying in Daling for a while now, presumably he might have some ideas?” asked Elder Buyi of the Wugai (Martial Beggar) Sect point blank at Elder Lin.

That question piqued the interest of everybody there. With the exception of mystical water and mystical animals, nobody else know what else would the Cheng’s be auctioning off.

As the purpose of the alliance was to acquire the maximum amount of resources, naturally the more intel they could have before the event the better position they would be in. That way everybody would know what suit their needs the most.

Everybody couldn’t help but turned their attention to Elder Lin.

Being the leader of this alliance was no easy task. Elder Lin smiled bitterly and said, “For the sake of honoring my agreeing with maiden Cheng, I have not returned to the Cheng’s ever since. It wasn’t that  don’t want to share with you all, but I really have no idea what else will they be auctioning off. Elder Quan and Elder Du have been staying here with me, they were also in the same boat as I.”

The two elders who were called upon met with everybody’s inquisitive gaze and nodded, signaling that what Elder Lin said was the truth.

“You mean to say that we have no idea what the Cheng’s will be auctioning off in two days?” grumbled Elder Fan of the XiaoYao Sect.

XiaoYao Sect was the most powerful among the Nine Top Sects, nobody dare to cross them. Elder Lin was already feeling a bit uneasy that he took the role of the leader of the alliance from him; now he was even more uncomfortable when he was confronted.

After thinking about it for a bit, he said, “We are certainly not sure, but there is someone in town who’d definitely have information!”

“Who? Who is this person?”

“Who knows anything about this?”

“Someone actually knows about it?”

The rest of the elders all started asking questions at the same time.

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