Monday, November 11, 2019

TWQQF ch 259 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (10)

Eleventh Elder turned around, looked straight at him and asked, “Cheng Xing, I never did figure out. I left Emperor City and decided to be as far away from this shameless family as possible, why wouldn’t you let us go? What have we ever done that made you want to hunt down my entire family? Were you all made out of rocks? You couldn’t even let your only family members live? Are you still humans?”

The more he talked the more angry Eleventh Elder got. He eyes were red from anger and he asked, “I, Cheng Yu, had never done anything that hurt the family. Quite the contrary, I have always been dedicated toward the family. All of your, everything you own, we were the ones who had earned them and brought them into the family. We have fed you all, we raised you all to adulthood. Now that you are grown and are capable, you chased after me with your knives and swords? And you wouldn’t even spare any of your aunties and cousins. Are you all monsters?”

“I will remember this. Today you went after me; one day, the same fate will befall upon you. Your family and younger generations will also go after you. What happened to me today will surely happen to you tomorrow. You are all scumbags, unscrupulous garbage. I wait for the day when the tables are turned…”

Facing the forceful Eleventh Elder, the arrogant Cheng’s finally started feeling a sense of remorse and shame. They may have gone a little too far; after all, Eleventh Elder had doted on them when they were young. Some of them had even received guidance from Eleventh Elder; he had truly treated them like his own.

All these had since been thrown away and forgotten, but now they were finally coming back. Yes, they had been one family before. All of them fighting side by side for the family, wanting the family to grow bigger and better, and dreaming of a better future.

Now that they were all grown up, they could only see their own gains. The only thing they had in mind was the order from the family; how they earn more reward. They had forgotten how Eleventh Elder had always been the only elder that taught them patiently and welcomed them with opened arms.

And now, for a measly reward offered by the family, they have hunted down Eleventh Elder and his family, not allowing them a chance to survive.

“Eleventh Elder, I… I am sorry…”

“Don’t apologize to me. Now tell me what was the reasoning behind all this? I want an answer today…”

“Because, because the First Elder want to force you to go to Qing’an Province to seek protection from Cheng… Cheng….”

He struggled but was not able to speak the name Cheng Biyuan. The answer was only too obvious to Eleventh Elder. The despair Eleventh Elder looked up and laughed out loud, “HAHAHAHAHA…”

“HAHAHA Oh I see HAHAHAHA So this was what it was all about HAHAHAHAHA….”

His abject laughter echoed in the valley. As he was laughing, tears rolled down the old man’s face. He would never imaged that being the reason the family was trying to cull his family!

Mo Xuanzun, who had been in midair this entire time, listened to the entire story and his detest toward the Cheng’s had only grown. What a bunch of rapacious scums.

“Xiao He, let’s head out. I don’t think they will attack them again!” With one more glance, Mo Xuanzun told the mystical crane to fly away.

But another thought quickly occurred to him. He said to himself again, “Willow Village, isn’t that the place mentioned to me by shi mei Gong? So these Cheng’s would be her family. How very unfortunate for her to have family like them!”


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