Wednesday, November 6, 2019

TWQQF ch 254 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (5)

After learning that this mysterious martial emperor would become the new deacon elder of the Cheng’s, Zhou Jinjiang felt ecstatic after the shock had subsided. His gleefulness was not any less than that of Cheng Biyuan, possibly even more!

Strength. Real, unadulterated strength!

Even if they only have one martial emperor on their payroll, this didn’t just raise the Cheng’s strength by one level, but a few levels!

From this point forward, as long as the unwelcomed visitor was not a martial emperor, the quantity no longer mattered. This, was the Cheng’s ability going forward.

The young Cheng Zheng Yuan recovered quickly as well. He didn’t expect the bad guy would turn into a part of his family, but he understood that this man would not want to hurt his family ever again from now on.

Thinking about his own impulsive behavior earlier, he felt slight embarrassed. He cupped his hands at Old Man Ying and said, “Pardon my rudeness, Elder Ying!”

“He He, young master is so polite.” Old Man Ying saw that Cheng Zheng Yuan was a direct and straight forward person who spoke his mind. He started growing fond of him immediately. He took another look at him and liked him even more. Smiling, he said, “Young master, if you ever have any questions, you can just come and ask me!”

It was no small feat to be able to receive guidance from a martial emperor. Cheng Zheng Yuan was immediately ecstatic. He nodded and said, “I will certainly take you up on it!”

After that, everybody sat around and chatted some more. Cheng Biyuan, who was extremely happy with the new addition of Old Man Ying into his family, decided to have a banquet to officially welcome him. All of a sudden, one could hear the bustling noises of plates, glasses, and happy chattering. Even though everybody’s initial impression of Old Man Ying wasn’t the best, but with some interaction, they were able to turn that around and accept the arrogant old man.

After all, Old Man Ying had been around for almost a hundred years. He was a walking wealth of knowledge that nobody there could remotely measure up to. Everything coming out of his mouth was enough to startle everyone and broaden their horizon. Everybody’s fondness toward him continued to rise and he was well accepted by everyone at the Cheng’s.

That being said, Cheng Biyuan and Zhou Jinjiang had further noticed that Old Man Ying was particularly respectful to Cheng Xiao Xiao, more so than what he had for anyone else. Yet the most important point was that he joined the Cheng’s willingly, not against his will.

Although they had  no idea how that happened, but that was not important to them. The most important thing to them was the fact that the martial emperor did not have any hidden agenda plotting against the Cheng’s.

In the following few days, they have also noticed that Old Man Ying had lost his interest in the Cheng’s mystical water. He saw them as nothing other than just regular water. There was no sign that he valued them at all.

To Old Man Ying, who had spent seven to eight days in the dimension, having 100% mystical water, eating the best mystical animals, and even the air he breathed was thick with mystical qi. After all those had taken place and now that he was back to the outside world, everything else that the others treasured was just like normal items and were no longer meaningful to him.

This had made Cheng Biyuan felt further relieved.

In a town several hundred miles outside of Willows!

The family inside the Inn was the Tian’s who were booted out by the Cheng’s. Luo Yujie’s face was covered in red hand prints. Her usual chubby face was swollen to the size of a pig’s head. Her normally small and beady eyes had swollen into nothing but a line.

Even though her face was already swollen to the size of a pig’s head, she was still cussing out the Cheng’s non stopped. Viciousness leaked out of her eyes, as though she wanted to eat their flesh and drank their blood.

“Shut up! One more word and I will make sure you can never speak again!” came a strict voice and that had finally scared her to shut up.

The one who had finally lost it was Tian Fusheng. His look scarily somber. He casted her an angry glance then looked at his own son and scolded, “You are so useless. You couldn’t even handle such a simple task. Are you brain dead? You dare turned violent toward the Cheng’s?”

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