Saturday, November 16, 2019

TWQQF ch 262 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (13)

All 22 of them stood up at the same time and bowed to the dean apologetically!

“The law does not punish the mass, was that your idea?”

“We wouldn’t dare. We have failed you, Dean. Please assign us our punishment!”

“Hrm, you know you were wrong? You ask for punishment? What is the point of all that now?” The dean was still discontented.

“Now that we know we are wrong, we can correct our ways!”

“Alright, I will take your words for it now. If I never find out something like this have happened again? You won’t need to teach anyone else!”

“Yes, Dean, we will keep that in mind!”

“Sit down!” Their responses had finally made the dean felt a little better. When everyone was seated, the dean squinted his eyes and said, “We don’t have a lot of resources at our school and we face a lot of shortages. Especially when it comes to mystical water and animals, we are almost at the point of depleted. When I have first heard of all these, I have told you to take care of it!”

Upon saying that, the dean’s seemingly foggy eyes gleamed with chilling lights. It was quite obvious that the dean was unhappy about the outcome of it all.

Nobody present dare to look at the dean. Each and every single one of them, who were normally arrogant and think of the world as beneath them, now they acted like mice in front of a cat, as quiet as possible.

“Since Count Zhongyuan is going to have a sale on mystical water and mystical animals a month from now, I will make a trip there myself!”

“No, Dean! We can take care of this!”

“Dean! We got this, you don’t need to worry about this!”

“Dean, we will take good care of this and won’t let you down again, we promise!”

“It was all our fault, now we make you worry. Dean, give us another chance. We will go to the Willows ourselves and will bring back mystical water and mystical animals!”


Everybody started talking at the same time. They were all shocked. They never thought the dean would want to take a trip himself. That was no small feat.

The dean was the pillar of the School of Divine Condor, never mind a small village such as Willows, even if the emperor was to come to the School of Divine Condor, the dean didn’t even need to acknowledge him if he didn’t want to.

With the exception of those from the top four powers, the dean would perhaps show his face. Now the dean wanted to visit Willows himself? This was equivalent to all of them being slapped on their faces. It was an announcement that they were so useless that the dean would need to take care of matters like this himself!

“Are you all done talking?”

A light question, but filled with a hint of anger. The next moment, a strong, invisible energy came at them and made them all shut up. Yet they couldn’t help the shock in their eyes.

The dean was by far the most power individual at the School of Divine Condor, advanced level martial emperor. Anytime now, he might be able to breakthrough to martial monarch. All the experts martial kings were like mere ants in front of them and have no ability to fight back.

“I think you all really need to relearn what are benevolence, wisdom, propriety, truthfulness, music, loyalty, faith, heaven, earth, morality, and righteousness. When I am ready to head out, I will let you know. Do not even think about acting behind my back, or else…..”

“Yes, Dean!”

All of them dripping in cold sweat respectfully responded with cupped hands.

“You are dismissed!”

“Yes, Dean!”

Everybody retrieved obediently and the dean, sitting crossed legged, closed his eyes and muttered, “A bunch of idiots!”


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